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Audio Circuits:  Level, Tone and Balance Circuits   Page 1
Automatic Level Tone Balance:  #-A      B-G      H-R       S-Z

Audio Circuits -- Main Page
Last Updated on: Thursday, April 07, 2016 01:00 PM

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1750Hz and 82.5Hz Pilot-tone generator with PIC12 IC -  My Radio amateur callsign is OZ2CPU.  I like to use Atmel AVR Atmega PIC16 PIC16F876 PIC16F84.  Most electronics easy made for the novice and something is for the more experienced.… [oz2cpu at gmail dot com]


2 Watt Amplifier -  A 2 Watt audio Amplifier made from discrete components.  This was one of the earliest circuits that I ever designed and built, in Spring 1982. At that time I had only an analogue meter and a calculator to work with. Although not perfect, this Amplifier does have a wide frequency response, low harmonic distortion about 3%,… [Design by Andy Collison]


2 Watt Amplifier -  An audio Amplifier made from discrete components with 2 Watts audio power into an 8 ohm load. Carlos has used this Amplifier on his AM radio for many years.… [by Carlos Feldman]

3 Band Equalizer -  Using a single op-amp this easy to make equalizer offers three ranges, low frequency,mid frequency,and high. With component values shown there is approximately +/-20dB of boost or cut at frequencies of 50Hz, 1kHz and 10kHz. Supply voltage may be anything from 6 to 30 Volts. Maximum boost 20dB is only realized with maximum supply voltage… [Design by Andy Collison]


300 Watt Subwoofer Power Amplifier -  There are some important updates to this project, as shown below. Recent testing has shown that with the new ON Semi transistors it is possible to obtain a lot more power than previously. The original design was very conservative, and was initially intended to use 2SA1492 and 2SC3856 transistors (rated at 130W) - with 200W (or 230W) devices, some of the original comments and warnings have been amended to suit.… [Rod Elliott (ESP)]


555 Timer MonoStable Circuit using Pushbutton -  The two circuits above illustrate using the 555 timer to close a relay for a predetermined amount of time by pressing a momentary N/O push button. The circuit on the left can be used for long time periods where the push button can be pressed and released before the end of the timing period. For shorter periods, a capacitor can be used to isolate the switch… [Bill Bowden's website]


A Better Volume Control -  A volume control using a linear pot that is much better than most log pots… [Rod Elliott (ESP)]


A Stereo Digital Volume Control based on the CS3310 -  The CS3310 is a complete stereo digital volume control designed specifically for audio systems. It features a 16-bit serial interface that controls two independent, lowdistortion audio channels. The CS3310 includes an array of well-matched resistors and a low noise active output stage…


Active Subwoofer & Controller -  … [Design by Rod Elliott - ESP]


An Inexpensive Tone Encoder -  Figure 1 illustrates an easy circuit that can be constructed with mostly Radio Shack parts on any general purpose circuit board. The only rigid requirement is that capacitor C1 be stable over a wide temperature range. Use only Mylar, Polyester or Metal film for capacitor C1. The frequency is determined by the following formula: FREQUENCY = 1/R1C1The specified values should allow any tone between 100 to 300 Hz. Increase R1 or add another resistor in series with R1 for lower tone frequencies… [Radio Amateur Society of Norwich]


AN011 Jitter Testing Procedures for Compliance with AT&T 62411 -  …


AN016 Jitter Attenuation Performance of the CS61575 & CS61575A -  …


AN543: Tone Generation -  Microchip Application Note Published 26-Aug-97  …


Audio Graphic Equaliser -  simple 7 band equalizer… [Richard Torrens]


Audio Level Indicator -  Audio Amplifier output relay delay…


Audio Level Meter -  Audio levels can be monitored using a small panel meter with this circuit built from discrete components.The circuit has a flat frequency response from about 20Hz to well over 50Khz. Input sensitivity is 100mV for a full scale deflection on a 100uA meter. Built on two common emitter Amplifiers, the first stage has a preset resistor which may be adjusted for a FSD. The last stage is biased to operate at roughly half the supply voltage for maximum ac voltage swing. Audio frequencies are passed through the 10u dc blocking capacitor and the full wave bridge rectifier converts the signal to a varying dc voltage… [Design by Andy Collison]


Audio Tone Control -  … [Circuit designed by Aaron Cake]


Audio Tone Controls -  Many people at one time or other, regardless of their interest in electronics, have adjusted these controls to suit their preference. Whether its to boost the bass of their favorite CD, cut the noise / static on a talk radio station or compensate for poor loud speaker response, they've reached for the treble and bass tone controls.…


Automatic Loudness Control -  Simple add-on module Switchable "Control-flat" option… [Flavio Dellepiane's web site]


AVC Automatic Volume Control Circuit -  AVC – The featured circuit controls a volume line automatically. It delivers an output voltage of approximately 4 volts peak to peak. This voltage remains relatively constant by input voltages ranging from several hundred milivolts to serveral volts. This electronic circuit is not highly recommended for Hi-Fi… [Circuit posted by Popescu Marian]


Automatic Level Tone Balance:  #-A      B-G      H-R       S-Z

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