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Bridge Circuits
Bridge:   #'s-A     B-E    F-Z

Last Updated on:
Thursday, April 07, 2016 01:01 PM

Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :
  • 10 Second Ultra Lower Power Oscillator -  This circuit works much like the classic 555 timer, but draws only about 1.5 microamps from a 3 volt battery. It is highly stable under varying temperature and supply voltages… [Circuit by David A. Johnson P.E., 5/29/00]

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

16W bridge Amplifier -  Schematic only, no circuit description. . .  [CircuitoZ.net, contact Ruddy]


20W Bridge Audio Amplifier -  20W Bridge Audio Amplifier kit, based on the TDA2005 IC, a class B dual audio Amplifier, specifically designed for car radio applications etc. . .  [by IQ Technologies Industry, unless otherwise noted online]


3 Phase Bridge Rectifier -  Find out about three phase bridge rectifiers. . . .  [REUK-Renewable Energy UK website]


3Amp-DCC Booster Circuit #1 (LMD 18200) -  The first schematic is for a basic 3 Amp - DCC Booster using the LMD 18200 CMOS, H-Bridge. Included in the design is a 5Volt regulator that supplies power to the DCC signal generation and display circuitry. This page features H-Bridge circuits used for controlling direct current motorsscroll to find this one. . . .  [from Rob Paisley's Model Train web site]

4-transistor H-bridge -  An interesting 4-transistor H-bridge variant; this is cheap and easy to build, and best of all is "smokeless" (i. e. , no combination of inputs can cause the bridge to self-destruct). . . .  [Steve Bolt]


6-transistor H-bridge -  This issix transistor "Tilden style" H-bridge; while not as old asoriginal "basic H-bridge, " this goes "way back, " and isbasis for many BEAM driver circuits. . .  [Wilf Rigter's web site]


A better MOSFET H Bridge Schematic -  Schematic only - no circuit desciption included. . .  [Eugene Blanchard]


A DMOS 3A, 55V, H-Bridge -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


A H-Bridge Design -  With a Protection against Having Two Positive Input Pulses. . . .  [G.L. Chemelec, designer]


Add Programmability to Sensor Amplifier -  03/21/02  EDN Design Idea   The pressure-sensor Amplifier circuit of Figure 1 offers a number of advantages over the traditional approach using the classic three-op-amp instrumentation Amplifier. The circuit can operate from a single supply and uses only two . . .  [by Chuck Wojslaw, Catalyst Semiconductor, Sunnyvale, CA]


AN-1312: Scan Bridge STA111/STA112 Timing -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN16 Automotive & Household Siren Driver Circuits: Zsd100 & Discrete 'H'-Bridge Minimum Parts Count Solution -  Zetex Semiconductors Applications Note:   A solution is provided that uses a minimum number of components by utilising an application specific signal generation IC, and a high efficiency 'H'-bridge effected with 3A DC rated Super-δ TO92 style switching transistors. . . . 


AN251: Bridge Sensing with the MCP6S2X PGAs -  Application Note Published 6-May-03. . .  [Microchip]


AN-694: A DMOS 3A, 55V, H-Bridge: the LMD18200 -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]


AN717: Building a 10-Bit Bridge Sensing Circuit using the PIC16C6XX & MCP601Operational Amplifier -  Application Note Published 3-Apr-01. . .  [Microchip]


AN811: the RS-232/DALI Bridge Interface -  Application Note Published 26-Apr-02. . .  [Microchip]


Applying the Analog Differentiator -  Analog Devices-Analog Dialogue. . .  [by Hoft, Don] 


Bridge:   #'s-A     B-E    F-Z

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