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Bridge Circuits
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Generate Boost Rails In a Bridge-Rectifier -  11/16/12 EDN-Design Ideas Bridge ac inputs have the ability to sink and source current with reference to the bridge-rectifier outputs.  Many single-voltage power supplies consist of a transformer, a rectifier, and a filter capacitor, as shown in Figure 1.  This circuit is relatively inexpensive and easy to build but supplies only a single voltage.  Circuits employing op amps, data converters, and other analog circuit blocks often require additional voltages to operate.  These extra voltages can be either higher than the main supply voltage or negative.  __ Circuit Design by Horst Koelzow, Calgary, Alberta

H Bridge Motor Controller uses Low Power -  This circuit uses a few logic gates & a 74AC240 to control power to a small gear motor . . . Hobby Circuit designed by David A. Johnson P.E.-July, 2005

Half Bridge Motor Driver -  The LT1336 is a cost effective half-bridge N-channel power MOSFET driver.  The floating driver can drive the topside N-channel power MOSFETs operating off a high voltage (HV) rail of up to 60V (absolute maximum).  In PWM operation an on-chip switching regulator maintains charge in the bootstrap capacitor even when approaching___ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Apr 5th 2010

H-Bridge Design -  With a Protection against Having Two Positive Input Pulses. __ Designed by G.L. Chemelec

L-C-R Bridge-G3BIK -  Schematic only __ Designed by va3iul

Low Power H Bridge Motor Controller -  This circuit uses a few logic gates & a 74AC240 to control power to a small gear motor. . . Circuit by David Johnson P.E.-July, 2005


Low Voltage H-Bridge -  TTL type Q and inverted Q inputs control a classic H-bridge circuit, rated at 50 volts and about 10 amps.  The circuit can control power and direction of a DC motor. . . Circuit by Dave Johnson P.E.-February, 2007

Make a Bridge Rectifier from Diodes -  Make your own single or multi phase bridge rectifier from diodes. __ Designed by REUK-Renewable Energy UK website

Microcontroller drives H bridge to power a permanent-magnet DC Motor -  15-Mar-07 EDN-Design Ideas Improved H-bridge requires only two driver signals__ Circuit Design by Luca Bruno, ITIS Hensemberger Monza, Lissone, Italy

MOSFET H Bridge -  Schematic onlyno circuit desciption included __ Designed by Eugene Blanchard

Programmable-gain Amplifier is low-cost -  01/18/01 EDN-Design Ideas Numerous programmablegain amplifiers are available, but a simple solution provIdeas the option of using 256 gain steps with an 8-bit DAC and higher steps.   PDF has several circuits, scroll down.    - Design by J Jayapandian, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, India

RC Network Eliminates Precision Reference -  08/04/94 EDN-Design Ideas The circuit in Fig 1 uses a magneto-resistive sensor to detect small magnet displacements without resorting to a precision voltage reference.  A simple RC divider takes the place of the reference, eliminating an expensive component__ Circuit Design by Christophe Basso, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France

Resolve 0.1-Ff Change from 100 Pf -  01/06/00  EDN-Design Ideas The circuit in Figure 1 can resolve 0.1-fF changes in a 100-pF bridge element and can accommodate large-scale changes in the bridge without adjustment.  You can use changes in capacitance to measure applied pressure, rotation, torque, liquid level, the wat__ Circuit Design by Derek Redmayne

Reversing H-bridge -  This H-bridge variant was one of the first in which the reversing circuitry is built into the driver, rather than (as is more-commonly done) into the control circuitry upstream of the driver.  This is a handy circuit, though, for 2-motor walkers -- as all that is required to reverse one is to reverse the phasing of one of the motors.  It is built from 4 transistors and a mux. __ Designed by Wilf Rigter

Sensor Bridge -  (spice design) __ Designed by Rick 

Sensor Bridge with Current Bias -  (spice design) __ Designed by Rick 

Signal Sources, Conditioners and Power Circuitry Circuits of the Fall, 2004 -  Linear Technology AN98 __ Designed by Jim WilliamsNov 19th, 2004

Soldering iron driver bridge controls temperature -  09/06/13   EDN-Design Ideas With a power supply and a replacement soldering handle you can implement this temperature-controlled soldering iron driver.  One way you can control the temperature of a soldering iron is with a microcontroller, using temperature feedback from the thermistor in the handle near the iron's tip.  This Design Idea presents a soldering iron driver that does this using only analog components.  __ Circuit Design by Kiril Karagiozov

Three Phase Bridge Rectifier -  Find out about three phase bridge rectifiers. __ Designed by REUK-Renewable Energy UK website

Wattmeter -  The extra input B is for a later SWR brigde project, also the TX serial output will be in use later.  The uncalibrated signal response is: +1/-1 dB from 1MHz to 450MHz.  Input SWR vill varry from 1.00 to 1.30, depending on input frequency.  To make the SWR this good, you need to assemble the input circuit correct and adjust the capasitor.  Input power range: -60 to +30dBm that is 1 nW to 1 Watt. __

Z-bridge -  A Cheaper H-Bridge Designthe Zoelen Bridge (Z-Bridge) __ Designed by A.A. van Zoelen's

Bridge:   #'s - F        G - Z

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