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Camera Circuits
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Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E.

9v Powered Xenon Photoflash Controller This 9v battery powered circuit is designed for remote control flash needs.  A charge control circuit turns off the high voltage generator when the photoflash capacitor is fully charged.  A neon lamp is included to indicate when the system is ready to flash. . . Circuit by David A. Johnson P.E.-June, 2000

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3 Xenon flashings found in flash for disposable cameras You are going to like this project.  It costs less than $3.00, contains six BUILDING BLOCKS, re-cycles a disposable flash camera and you are going to learn a lot about electronics. 
Everyone has seen a disposable flash camera. __ Contact: Collin Mitchell

9v Powered Xenon Photoflash Controller This 9v battery powered circuit is designed for remote control flash needs.  A charge control circuit turns off the high voltage generator when the photoflash capacitor is fully charged.  A neon lamp is included to indicate when the system is ready to flash. . . Circuit by David A. Johnson P.E.-June, 2000

A Motorized Time-Lapse Camera Slider 28-Mar-17 -Design News:   Automation & Motion Control, Consumer Electronics, Automation __   Gadget Freak

A Speed Controller for Film Projectors Do you have old family movies on film? Have you watched them lately? You may be shocked by how much they have deteriorated over the years.  They need to be transferred to DVD before the film deteriorates to the point where it is unwatchable.  Video conversion is not as straightforward as you might think but this simple project enables you to do it.___ SiliconChip

A Safe Flash Trigger for Your Digital SLR Camera Many of today's digital SLR cameras risk serious damage if used with an external electronic flash, whether that is a portable type or a large studio "strobe".  We found this was the case here at SILICON CHIP so we have produced a flash trigger to ensure the camera's safety.  You can do likewisebut beware of the JISP!___ SiliconChip

A Simple Circuit home-made light-operated camera trigger This device is used to photograph moving objects by triggering a camera or flashgun when one or two light beams are interrupted.  It was designed to capture insects in flight, but can also be used for projectiles and anything else that moves too fast or irregularly to be photographed by hand.  It cost around $30 to build, and was used to make The Barista Collection. __ Designed by Mark Harris Photography

A 'Smart' Slave Flash Trigger Does your camera's flash operate in red-eye reduction   (multiple flash) mode only? This clever unit counts the number of "pre-flashes" before triggering a slave flash unit.___ SiliconChip

AI-1 ("All-In-one") Remote-photographic accessory that you can build One of my other hobbies is photography, and, about a year ago, I purchased a new digicama Panasonic FZ30.  I joined the Panasonic forum on the dpreview site.  One of the posters, a programmer and electronic hobbyist, designed a nifty wireless remote using a very inexpensive RF transmitter/receiver combination that he found on eBay.  After he'd perfected that, he began designing an interval timer using a Radio Shack egg timer. __ Designed by © 2007 Tom Lackamp

Arduino based Motion triggered camera using a PIR sensor Arduino has taken off as an incredibly popular building block among ubicomp   (ubiquitous computing) enthusiasts, robotics hobbyists, and DIY home automation developers. __ Designed by "Kubrick" Michael Heilemann

Automatic Camera Shutter Releases I've used two methods to electrically sense a rocket launch to trigger a camera.  The first thing I tried was a normally-closed circuit created by clipping an alligator clip totop ofmetal launch rod.  Whenrocket reachestop ofrodlaunch lug knocksclip off, openingcircuit, which is sensed by a device which triggerscamera.  This worked reliably, and hasvirtue of simplicity.  But, it had __ Designed by John DuBois

Automatic-exposure scheme uses CCD shutter EDN-Design Ideas July 2, 1998        [ NOTE : File has multiple design, scroll for this one.]  This application follows the Design Idea, "Peak detector maximizes CCD-sensor range"   (EDN, Aug 15, 1996).  Its aim was to optimize the performance of an A/D converter used to digitize a linear CCD sensor's analog output.  The method involved stretching the upper reference of the flash ADC for the highest lit pixel in the array.  The method works well, but does not obtain the best performance from the CCD, which can saturate for overexposure or can produce noise for underexposure. Figure 1 shows a better method that you can use with CCD sensors that provide a shutter facility.  The shutter signal in a modern CCD array   (such as the Sony ILX703A) removes the electrical charges the light produces during the exposure.__ Circuit Design by Giovanni Romeo and Sandro Rao, Istituto Nazionale Di Geofisica, Rome, Italy

Basic FlashLamp Illuminationry for Cellular Telephones/Cameras DN345 Design Notes___ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Batteries charger & PSU-Ideal for digital cameras This circuit was created for digital cameras.  It's known the digital cameras have considerable power consumption.  For example my camera Minolta E223 requires. __ Contact: IQ Technologies

Build a Raspberry Pi-Based Cable Shutter Release for Sony Cameras Replacing a simple and inexpensive remote cable release for your camera with Raspberry Pi may seem like a classic case of over-engineering, but using the tiny machine to control the camera opens up a whole new world of photographic opportunities.  Using a simple Python script, you can turn Raspberry Pi into a powerful and flexible intervalometer or trigger the shutter using sensors connected to the computer.  Add to Raspberry Pi a Python-based web app, and you can control your camera from any computer or mobile device. __ Designed by Dmitri Popov

Build a Simple Circuit one-chip phototimer 8-Jul-04 EDN-Design Ideas Recently, I needed to automatically switch on a lamp when it became dark and keep it on for a given time.  Trying not to reinvent the wheel, I looked through what was available on the market, but I could not find an inexpensive device that satisfied the requirement.  Some products worked like a photoswitch, lighting a lamp when it becomes dark and keeping it on while it is dark—in other wor__ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus, Armatron International, Malden, MA

Building a Digital Intervalometer-Includes & suggested layout Having used a single frame advance Super-8 and a couple of Sony Hi-8 video cameras to do some time lapse work over the years, Minolta's implementation of an intervalometer has left a lot to be desired in the Dimage cameras. __ Contact: John A. McCulloch

Camera Circuits:  #'s - B       C       D - K       L - Z

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