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Camera Circuits
Camera Circuits:  #'s - B       C       D - K       L - Z

Last Updated: June 04, 2021 06:51 AM

Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E.

Controller for a 9v Powered Xenon Photoflash This 9v battery powered circuit is designed for remote control flash needs.  A charge control circuit turns off the high voltage generator when the photoflash capacitor is fully charged.  A neon lamp is included to indicate when the system is ready to flash . . . Hobby Circuit designed by David A. Johnson P.E.-June, 2000

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Camera Axe open hardware & open software project for camera triggering Camera Axe is open hardware and open software project that helps you get some of those difficult to capture photographs.  It can use various sensors like light triggers and sound triggers to activate a camera or a flash.  Here are a few sample images of the things this hardware has captured. __ Designed by Ravi Upadhyaya

Camera Flash Igniter Since the birth of my web pages, I've had many inquiries about how to make an electronic ignition system from a disposable flash camera.  In response to these requests, I've encouraged people to look into the high voltage flyback system instead, which, I believe is a better system.  But for those of you who are determined to make a camera flash system work, this page is for you.  I was fairly impressed on how easy this system was to put together and its reliability for firing.  It also produces a quite impressive "bang" of a spark! __ Designed by Greg Miller

Camera power & video use same coax cable 09/25/97 EDN-Design Ideas Because remotely located video-surveillance cameras do not always have a ready source of power, it is convenient to run both the power and the video signal through one coax cable.__ Circuit Design by Frank Cox, Linear Technology Corp, Milpitas, CA

Camera Remote Control System using Basic Stamp The remote control receiver is a custom design based on a pre-built 433MHz UHF radio receiver, a decoder chip and a BASIC Stamp.  The Stamp is expensive, but easy to work with.  The receiver requires 8.5mA, plus 1.5mA for each LED   (individual or segment) that is lit for a maximum of up to 23mA.  In practice it is between 13 and 16mA.  Pressing a button onThe remote transmitter causesThe receiver to consume an extra 0.2mA.  In the 'power saving' mode the PBASIC 'nap' instruction is used in combination with turning all the LEDs off to reduce power consumption to 4mA.  The battery should last about 30 hours of on-time. __ Designed by andrew @ scss.com.au

Camera serializer/deserializer chip set reduces wire count for keypad 28-Apr-05 EDN-Design Ideas Keypad interconnect needs just four wires__ Circuit Design by Wallace Ly, National Semiconductor Corp

Camera Shutter Time Measurement A while back I received an email from someone who needed a simple way to measure the speed of a photographic camera.  I thought about this and suggested the method below.  It relies on an oscilloscope and a cheap photodiode to measure the speed . . . Hobby Circuit designed by David Johnson P.E.-August, 2011


Camera Shutter Timer This was a quick hack to measure camera shutter speeds, motivated by my finding out that my first SLR   (an Olympus OM-10 purchased secondhand a few months earlier) had a shutter problem.  After I had the camera repaired, I used this to check that the shutter speeds were OK, and later used it to test various mechanical shutters on other cameras. __ Designed by Markus Wandel

Camera Subs as a Scope Camera 12/09/99 EDN-Design Ideas A digital camera can be a handy substitute for an oscilloscope camera for older scopes that cannot output hard copy or digital data.  A digital camera provIdeas instant results and allows you to easily enhance the image and then ad__ Circuit Design by Allen Moore, Redmond, WA

Camera Switcher This circuit can be used for multiple cameras with one monitor.  The circuit can be operated manually or automatically. __ Designed by Milano de Guzman

Camera Trigger In 1984 I made a camera trigger to capture transient phenomena.  I had a Mamiya ZE 35mm camera and Mamiyalite ZE flash unit.  Typical for bodies of its time, the only means of remotely triggering the camera was the cable release socket built into its shutter release button.  This was meant to be used with a purely mechanical cable; it let you operate the shutter release from a small distance away, and in a manner that avoided introducing vibration to the camera at the moment a picture was taken __ Designed by John DuBois

CamTrig-A home-made light-operated camera trigger This device is used to photograph moving objects by triggering a camera or flashgun when one or two light beams are interrupted.  It was designed to capture insects in flight, but can also be used for projectiles and anything else that moves too fast or irregularly to be photographed by hand.  It cost around $30 to build, and was used to make The Barista Collection. __ Designed by Mark Harris

Canon DSLR cable shutter release usin 4N25 for optical isolation The most essential accessory for astrophotography, after a camera, scope and mount, is a remote shutter release to reduce vibration.  A remote control is even more useful if it can trigger a series of exposures at preset intervals and of preset duration. __ Designed by Jim Easterbrook

Capturing Images with USB Camera, Wi-Fi & Raspberry Pi Ever since this tiny, credit-card-sized computer, Raspberry Pi, appeared in the market, it has caught the imagination of every electronics and computer hobbyist around the world.  The powerful Linux operating system...___ Electronics Projects for You

Casio QV-200 Digital Camera Cable Lose your cable? Build it yourself and save $29.  Fits many QV models __ Designed by Bob Blick

Cellular-telephone/camera-flash illumination 05/27/04  EDN-Design Ideas Successfully implementing flash lamps involves understanding numerous practical considerations.  Next-generation cellular telephones will include high-quality photographic capabilities.  To support their improved image sensors and optics, they will need high-quality "flash" illumination, which requires special design attention.  This lighting is crucial for yielding good photographic performance and requires careful consideration.__ Circuit Design by Jim Williams, EDN's most revered contributor, passed away in June 2011 after a stroke.  He was 63.

Chase the Stars with a Camera 11-Mar-10 -Design News:   Who hasn't looked at the night sky and asked in awe, "How can I capture that?" A motor-driven star tracker won't let you grab a star, but it will let a camera track the movement of the stars so you can take spectacular photos.  The trick involves setting the proper tracking rate and pointing the __   Gadget Freak-Case #160

Cheap Close-Up Camera Lens I often use my digital camera to take photos of some electronic projects.  At times, I need to get in close to capture some details.  But, without some additional optics, my camera just could not maintain focus, as I received closer to an object.  Being a cheap . . . Hobby Circuit designed by Dave Johnson P.E.-April, 2005

Circuit Helps to Protect a Vehicle-Reverse Camera 10/06/11  EDN-Design Ideas Add a delay to prevent short power pulses as you shift through reverse.__ Circuit Design by Aruna Rubasinghe

Circuit Synchronizes Sensors & Cameras 10/21/10 EDN-Design Ideas Trigger circuits provide measurements and images at the right time.__ Circuit Design by Shih-Jie Chou, Rui-Cian Weng, and Tai-Shan Liao, National Applied Research Laboratories, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Collection of high-speed flash photographys Electronic flash can be used to take sharp photographs of events occurring at high speed.  Most flash units designed for amateur photographers can provide flashes of light as short as 30 millionths of a second.  This is sufficient to "stop" such events as the impact of a tennis ball with a racket, a foot with a football, and the burst of a balloon or a popcorn kernel.___ Loren M. Winters

Complete Power Solution for Portable Cameras The LT3587 and LT3586 can combine to provide all required supplies for a digital camera: 3.3 V AT 1A for system I/O, 1.8V AT 400mA for memory, 1.6V AT 400mA for core supply, 5V AT 800mA for audio/motor drive, positive (15V AT 50mA) and negative (-8V AT 100mA) CCD imager bias and white LED backlighting __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Mar 24th 2010

Computer Sound Port Shutter Tester I  have implemented a sound port shutter tester, which is described later on this page.  However I am disappointed with it's inconsistent performance at higher shutter speeds and the inability to make the HW work on different computers.  In order to rectify the situation I've designed a shutter tester that interfaces directly to an old Apple ][ computer, and am much happier with that solution. __ Designed by Mike  last name not found

Computerized Shutter Control of Canon DSLRs Joe Zeglinski has developed a variant of the control cable design for Nikon DSLR Cameras.  This simple modification enables existing shutter control software to support Nikon DSLRs in addition to Canon ones.  As a bonus the modification also allows the use of the Canon hand-held TC-80N3 timer controller with Nikon cameras. __ Designed by Paul Beskin

Controller for a 9v Powered Xenon Photoflash This 9v battery powered circuit is designed for remote control flash needs.  A charge control circuit turns off the high voltage generator when the photoflash capacitor is fully charged.  A neon lamp is included to indicate when the system is ready to flash . . . Hobby Circuit designed by David A. Johnson P.E.-June, 2000

Controller for rotary film processor If you want to develop your color film, and specially slides, at home, here is the machine you need! __ Designed by Manfred Mornhinweg

Controlling your SLR Camera from an Ipod How to control your camera shutter release from your Ipod (r) or other MP3 player. __ Designed by 20142003 Paulo Oliveira'

Camera Circuits:  #'s - B       C       D - K       L - Z

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