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Computer Interface Circuits

Computer Interface: 
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Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics and designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:
µC Based Performs Frequency Multiplication  -  27-May-99 EDN Design Ideas:  The traditional frequency multiplier requires many elements  a phase comparator to detect the phase error between the input and the output signals, a lowpass filter to convert the phase error Design by Yongping Xia, Teldata Inc, Los Angeles, CA

µC reprograms audio DAC via serial interface  -  EDN Design Ideas:  01/07/1999   NOTE:  Mulitple ideas, Scroll to find this one.  You can use a simple µC to continuously program an audio DAC so that it operates in a 20-bit resolution mode (Figure 1).  After power-on, the PCM1710 delta-sigma DAC (Burr-Brown Corp, www.burr-brown.com) operates in its default 16-bit resolution mode.  Switching to its 20-bit resolution mode requires supplying the converter with a control word using its three-wire serial digital interface (SDi).   Design by Lukasz Sliwczynski, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Institute of Electronics, Cracow, Poland

µP Socket Automatically Senses Upgrade  -  03/03/94 EDN Design Ideas:  The circuit in Fig 1  automatically senses when a user upgrades a Motorola 68040 µP system with a 68060 µP, changing the µP's supply voltage from 5 to 3.3V.  This automatic voltage change is far safer than any manual scheme could be, and this technique lets you easily adapt the circuit to other applications that must switch between 5 and 3.3V Design by Thomas Mosteller, Linear Technology Corp, Lansdale, PA

0 to 10 Volt Analog Control Protocol  -  The information in this document is based on ESTA E1.3, Entertainment Technology - Lighting Control System - 0 to 10V Analog Control Protocol, Draft 9 June 1997 (CP/97-1003r1) Before digital control systems, most remote control of lighting dimmers was done using an "wire per dimmer" system.  Each dimmer had a dedicated control wire (or pair of wires).  Low voltage DC control systems became the choice for many systems because of it's safety and flexibility.  Many different low voltage systems were used (0.  .  10V, 0.  .  15V, 0.  .  24V, 0.  .  -10V, etc.) were used but over the time 0 to 10V became the most common __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

1 µC pin makes half-duplex RS-232C  -  08/05/99 EDN Design Ideas:  in many µC designs, nearly all the i/O pins are occupied.  If only one i/O pin is available, the circuit in Figure 1 can help you implement a serial RS-232C interface.  For many purposes, half-duplex operation using a software-driv Design by Marin Ossman

1 Second Time Base from Crystal Oscillator  -  The schematic above illustrates dividing a crystal oscillator signal by the crystal frequency to obtain an accurate (0.01%) 1 second time base.  Two cascaded 12 stage counters (CD4040) form a 24 stage binary counter and the appropriate bits are gated together to produce the desired division.  Using a crystal of some even multiple of 2 is desirable so that one stage of the counter automatically toggles every second which eliminates the need for the NAND gate and reset circuitry, however the circuit below illustrates using a crystal which is not an even multiple of 2 and so requires additional __ Designed by Bill Bowden

1 wire connects microcontrollers  -  10/22/98 EDN Design Ideas:  (FILE has several circuits, scroll to find this one) Low-cost µCs, such as Motorola's 68HC705 Series, offer great simplicity at the expense of some useful functions—notably, serial data transmission.  Unlike their predecessors, these µCs do not have serial communication interfaces (SCis) , serial peripheral interfaces (SPis) , or simple serial i/O ports (SiOPs).  This method describes how you can overcome this deficiency by creating an asynchronous serial interface through µC software Design by Abel Raynus, Armitron International, Melrose, MA

10 Tricks for Interfacing to the PIC16c508  -  Most of the ideas in this chapter can be found on the pages of this website, but just in case you want to go over the capabilities of the '508A, we have brought them together.  Quite often when you are programming, the first thing you will run out of is output lines.  Many projects need lots of drive lines and if you need more than about 8, you should go to another micro-controller.  Don't expect an 8-pin chip to perform the impossible.   __ Designed by Prepared Colin Mitchell

10 Watt Multiple Output Isolated Power Supply  -  This design kit is an isolated converter (EP-18) for a High Speed Digital Modem application.  __ 

10mbps Multiple Protocol Serial Chip Set: Net1 & Net 2 Compliance By Design  -  DN174 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

10Mhz GPSDO I (spanish)  -  Utilizando un receptor GPS con salida de 10KHZ es sencillo crear un PLL que nos permita "disciplinar" un oscilador de 10Mhz.  Esta es una manera fácil y barata de disfrutar en casa de una seńal patrón de gran precisión, impensable antes de la era GPS.  La constante de tiempo del PLL nos permite jugar con su estabilidad y el ruido de fase viene determinado principalmente por la calidad del oscilador que elijamos.   __ Designed by Roberto Barrios EB4EQA

12v to 19v Laptop Power Supply (Concept)  -  Concept Only.  I have a big screen HP laptop computer.  The large brick size AC to DC power supply is rated at 19.  2v and 9.  5 amps, which is about 180 watts.  I’d like to be able to use the thing in my car.  I looked into a 12v car adapter for it but never really found one that I liked.  Most were underpowered.  The other option was to use the existing AC to DC adapter and run it off power from a 12v to 120vac inverter . . . Circuit by Dave Johnson P.E.-July 26, 2009

12V White LED Driver  -  DC powered LED lighting circuits can vary from trivial single LEDs with series resistors and LEDs with simple analog current regulators to more complicated switching power supply circuits such as this project. There is a tradeoff between simplicity and circuit capabilities. This more complex circuit adds features such as regulated light level across a wide range of input voltages and automatic circuit shutoff on low input voltage. __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

16 Bit PC Serial Port Receiver CMOS  -  This circuit was designed to control a 32 channel Christmas light  show from the PC serial port.  Originally designed with TTL logic, it has been simplified using CMOS circuits to reduce component  count.  It is a fairly simple, reliable circuit that requires only  4 common CMOS chips (for 8 outputs) , an optical isolator, and a  few discrete components. __ Designed by Bill Bowden

18-bit ADC uses PCs serial port  -  09/27/01 EDN Design Ideas:  A PC usually requires a plug-in ADC card to process analog signals.  However, with the circuitry in Figure 1, a PC can communicate with an 18-bit ADC through its serial port.  The port provide as both positive and negative power supp Design by Yongping Xia, Teldata, Los Angeles, CA

18F4550 USB Interface  -  This board is a Microchip PIC  prototyping board for the 18F4550 microcontroller using USB.  It is designed to have the PIC  loaded with a USB bootloader and then a separate programmer is no longer needed.  The board has all the circuitry needed for a successful USB interface.  Free i/O pins have 1-3 solder pads for easy connection for prototyping.  __ 

18F4550 USB Proto Board  -  This board is a Microchip PIC  prototyping board for the 18F4550 microcontroller using USB.  It is designed to have the PIC  loaded with a USB bootloader and then a separate programmer is no longer needed.  The board has all the circuitry needed for a successful USB interface__ 

1-wire keypad interface frees microcontroller-I/O pins  -  03/31/05  EDN Design Ideas:  Using this interface topology, you can reduce the number of keypad interface wires to just one and thus save critical microcontroller i/O ports Design by Israel Schleicher, Prescott Valley AZ

2 picogate Devices for bidirectional level-shifting  -  11-Nov-04 EDN Design Ideas:  in new mixed-voltage systems, it is often necessary to level-shift a control signal from a high level to a low level.  An open-drain device, such as the 74LVC1G07, easily performs this shift.  However, when a bidirectional signal req Design by Bobarshall, Philips Semiconductors

2 transistor replaces IC  -  02/07/02 EDN Design Ideas:  Linear Technology's recently introduced LTC4300 chip buffers i2C clock and data lines to and from a hot-swappable card.  This task is difficult because the IC must work bidirectionally, meaning that you can simultaneously and actively drive both side as.  However, as is sometimes the case, you can replace a complicated circuit by a simple one without much loss of performance Design by Jim Hagerman, Hagerman Technology, Honolulu, HI

2 Transistor replaces IC (Hagtech)  -  I am always impressed with the way semiconductor manufacturers go out of their way to make the end designer’s job easier.  One example is the LTC4300 recently introduced by Linear Technology.   __ Designed by Jim Haggerman, Hagerman Technology LLC

2 wire 4 by 4 key keyboard interface saves power  -  08/17/06 EDN Design Ideas:  Resistor matrix and microcontroller encode keypad - You can use a microcontroller that includes an ADC to design a two-wire-plus-ground keyboard interface.  For example, you can use a resistive voltage divider to identify a pressed key (Reference 1).  A microcontroller's integrated ADC typically presents an input resistance on the order of hundreds of kilohms, and, for adequate accuracy, its keypad divider should comprise relatively low-value resistors of 10s of kilohms.   Design by Stefano Salvatori, University of Rome, Rome, Italy, and Gabriele Di Nucci, EngSistemi, Rome, Italy

2.16 Gbytes squeeze onto 3-In. disk drive  -  11.21.96 EDN-Design Feature - intégral just became the second disk-drive vendor to announce support for the 3-in.  disk-drive form factor that JTS Corp (San Jose, CA) champions.  The companies claim that the added disk surface area available on 3-in.  media makes the drives a superior price/capacity choice to 2.5-in.  drives for applications such as notebook computers (see "Disk drives at 40: lean, mean storage machines, " EDN , Nov 7, 1996, pg 51). Design by Maury Wright, Intégral Peripherals Inc, Boulder, CO.

2.5 Mb/s Isolated RS485 Communication Interface with up to 500 mW Supplementary Power   -  App Note  Doc #961__ California Eastern Laboratories

200 Watt Modified PC Power Supply 13.5 Volt 14 Amp  -  The external 230 Volt AC power ON/OFF switch is removed and bypassed Old unused outputs are removed.  Over voltage protection changed to only protect one output at 16 V, Voltage regulating resistor net changed to only monitor a single output __ Designed by OZ2CPU; Thomas from Denmark

24 bit ISA card   -  installs into your computer.  Parts, plans, schematics and programmng available.  Also may be purchased as a kit.   __ Designed by Boondog web site

24 Bit Parallel Port Interface with 8255 for Commodore Computer  -  High Quality simple unit.  No need for a Preamplifier __ Designed by Peter Jakab

24 Line Parallel Interface for the PC  -  it is what it says it is.   __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

24-Bit Parallel Port Interface with 8255 for Commodore Computer  -  High Quality simple unit.  No need for a Preamplifier __ Designed by Peter Jakab

2m-20m Transverter  -  This little circuit is a transmitting and receiving converter (transverter) that converts a FT290 or similar multimode handheld transciever to the 14MHz amateur band.  The project is a single board module that needs an external local oscillator, for example, the VHF harmonic oscillator (or QRP VHF FM TX) LO for transverter project.  It should be a relatively simple matter of scaling coils __ Designed by Harry Lythall-SM0VPO

2-wire interface has galvanic isolation  -  11/11/99 EDN-Design ideas - Unlike the four-wire SPi, QSPi, and Microwire data-interface standards, I 2 C and SBBus buses require only two wires for data transmission, because they send and receive over the same wire.  The circuit in Figure 1 provide as galvanic isolation for the two-wire interface.  A small transformer and a MAX253 transformer driver (not shown) derive an isolated 5V rail from the master-side 5V rail.    Design by Minh-Tam Nguyen

2-Wire LCD Interface using PIC16cf84  -  Alphanumeric LCD displays have become very popular for microcontroller applications because y can add a lot to a project in a variety of different ways.  A text message givinguser instructions as well as feedback can make application seem much more "professional" and easy to use.  I like to use LCD's to help debug applications, with breakpoints set to display variable and i/O conditions and y are a lot cheaper than using a microcontroller emulator.  To top it off, surplus LCD's can be found for a dollar or less __ Designed by Reynold's Elec

3 Channel 8 Bit EEPROM DAC with DS Interface  -  This device provides three channels of 8 bit pulse-width modulation.  Output pulse duty cycle ranges from 0 to 255/256 in 255 steps.  DACs may be loaded by the DS interface.  DAC values may also be copied into the on-chip EERPOM and then automatically be loaded into the DACs when power is applies, making it useful for automatic set up of circuits that do not contain microcontrollers.  This replaces more expensive EEPROM DACs and EEPROM pots in many applications, owing to its use of a small area high volume integrated circuit microcontroller.  Additionally, one page of 16 bytes of on-chip EEPROM storage is accessible via the DS interface.   __ Designed by Dick Cappels


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