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Computer Interface Circuits

Computer Interface: 
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Last Updated: December 25, 2017 01:47 PM

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I/O bus emulates multiplexed address/data bus 02/15/96 EDN-Design Ideas Adapting off-the-shelf, general-purpose single-board computers for real-time and other special-purpose applications can require additional peripheral chips.  Most of the Intel-compatible ICs have a multiplexed address/data bus, and thus you can't readily interface these ICs with a single-board computer's general-purpose I/O bus.   __ Circuit Design by Vishwas Vaidya, National Centre for Radio Astrophysics Pune, India

I2C Bus Sniffer on AVR The I2C Bus Sniffer allows for non-intrusive monitoring of an I2C bus.  All data, including device addresses, ACK/NAK, START and STOP conditions, are reported in textual form to a serial terminal.  A familiar theme in open-source

IC interface connects CompactFlash card to microcontroller Expand data-storage capacity with inexpensive memory cards.   __ Circuit Design by Fons Janssen, Maxim Integrated Products Inc, Sunnyvale, CA; Edited by Brad Thompson and Fran GranvilleSeptember 1, 2006

IC interface has galvanic isolation, wired-OR capability, improved noise margin 5-Jul-07 EDN-Design Ideas You can use optoisolators to galvanically isolate the slave devices on an I2C bus from the master device __ Circuit Design by Michele Costantino, Microsaic Systems Ltd, Woking, United Kingdom

I2C LCD Interface Schematic Only

i2c-tiny-USB, a Simple Circuit i2c interface for the USB port Attach any I2C client chip (thermo sensors, AD converter, displays, relais driver, ...) to your PC via USB quick, easy and cheap! Drivers for Linux, Windows and MacOS available. __ Designed by Till Harbaum <Till @ Harbaum.org>

i2c-tiny-USB, a Simple Circuit i2c interface for the USB port Attach any I2C client chip (thermo sensors, AD converter, displays, relais driver, ...) to your PC via USB quick, easy and cheap! Drivers for Linux, Windows and MacOS available. __ Designed by Till Harbaum <Till @ Harbaum.org>

I2C-tiny-USB. Part 1 Attach any I 2 C client chip (thermo sensors, AD converter, displays, relais driver,) to your PC via USBquick, easy and cheap! Drivers for Linux, Windows and MacOS available.  The i2c-tiny-USB project is an open source/open hardware

I2C-tiny-USB. Part 2 Compiling the firmware The ATtiny45 is quite new and thus not all parts of the development chain support this chip in their current release versions.  The latest binutils (linker an assembler) and avrdude (programmer) support the new chips as well

IBM PC Keyboard to Palmpilot Interface Why would you want to interface the Keyboard? The IBM keyboard can be a cheap alternative to a keyboard on a Microprocessor development system.  Or maybe you want a remote terminal, just couple it with a LCD Module.  Maybe you have a RS-232 Barcode Scanner or other input devices, which you want to use with existing software which only allows you to key in numbers or letters.  You could design yourself a little box to convert RS-232 into a Keyboard Transmission, making it transparent to the software __ Designed by Craig Peacock

IC & Capacitor Improve Isolated Supply 09/01/97 EDN-Design Ideas  Many isolated power supplies typically use an optocoupler and a reference to provide feedback to a controller to maintain a constant output voltage.  Alternatively, you can use an isolated flyback regulator, IC1, to __ Circuit Design by Kurk Mathews, Linear Technology Corp, Milpitas, CA

IC Adds Full Duplex RS485 Operation 11/23/94 EDN-Design Ideas The simple RS-485 repeater (Fig 1) provIdeas full-duplex communications--simultaneous transmitting and receiving--with only two ICs.  Its balanced and differential data lines battle high-noise environments and drive long lines.  Single-ended RS-232C schemes cannot equal this circuit's performance.    __ Circuit Design by Ron Clark, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

IC7100 Dual-head Switch I needed to operate a single transceiver from two different locations, using two controllers.  Having to disconnect the cables was not an option and a simple "Y" would (most probably) damage something.  I thought I could build an automatic switch that could change the connection from one controller to the other automatically.   __ Designed by Roberto Barrios EB4EQA

ICOM CI-V interface with RS232 RTS to PTT This page describes my home-built ICOM CI-V interface.  In order to connect most all ICOM radios to a computer, an additional interface is required.  The interface bridges the gap between the RS-232 electrical levels used by the computer serial port, andthe open collector shared bus used by the ICOM radios.  The interface, therefore, is not much more than a level converter

IF OUT for the TenTec Orion My friend Angel, EA4CJI, wanted to use a LP-PAN panadapter with his Ten-Tec ORION, which does not have IF OUT port as it comes from the factory, and he asked me to do the modification.  I used this very nice guide from Rick, VE7TK and here are the details of some things I did differently.  You should take a look at his guide if you are working on this modification.   __ Designed by Roberto Barrios EB4EQA

IgorPlug-USB (AVR) Universal USB interface Yes!!! now its possible to connect an AVR  microcontroller direct to USB port of PC, running  windows.  This circuit is infrared (IR) receiver__ Vassilis Serasidis

Image-Capture System Uses USB & Labview 24-Jun-10 EDN-Design Ideas Capturing and processing graphical images requires manipulating data into a form that you can use.  This design idea describes an imaging system using a USB(Universal Serial Bus) image-capturing system that uses OmniVisions 640480-pixel, 8-bit-color OV7660 image sensor.  The CY7C68013A-128AXC from Cypress Semiconductor provIdeas a USB interface between a PC and the image sensor(Figure 1).  The control software is written in LabView from National Instruments __ Circuit Design by Chien-Hung Chen and Po-Jui Chen, National Applied Research Laboratories, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Implement a nine-data-bit UART on a PC 06/05/98 EDN-Design Ideas (Page contains several design ideas, please scroll to find this one)  Many Cs, such as the 8051 and the 68HC11, can support a ninth data bit on the asynchronous serial port.  This bit is useful in multidrop applications in which you can use it to denote an address on the serial bus, as opposed to data destined for a particular address.  The UART used in IBM PCs (and clones) does not directly support this operating mode.   __ Circuit Design by Aubrey Kagan, Weidmuller Ltd, Markham, ON, Canada

Implement Multiple Output Ports 02/16/98 EDN-Design Ideas In P/C systems, you sometimes need to use many output ports and update all the ports simultaneously.  For instance, in systems that use multiplexing techniques, the output ports require refreshing for every scanning period.  One  __ Circuit Design by W Kurdthongmee, Nakorn Si Thammarat, Thailand

Implement Trapezoidal Velocity Profiles In Software 08/12/10 EDN-Design Ideas Control motor speed smoothly during operation and testing.    __ Circuit Design by Adil Ansari, General Electric, Energy Division, Atlanta, GA

Improve On Low-Cost Keyboard 10/30/03  EDN-Design Ideas You can easily improve on a previous Design Ideasto produce a slightly simpler resistor arrangement with better timing balance between switches, using a single resistor value (Reference 1, Figure 1].  The use of a single resistor val __ Circuit Design by Martin O'Hara, Telematica Systems Ltd, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, UK

Improved Infrared Receiver with status led This is a general purpose serial port infrared receiver.  With the help of appropriate software (see below) you can control different functions of your pc from a distance.  For example you can control your home cinema settings (volume, play, pause, stop etc) , your winamp etc __ Contact: IQ Technologies

Inertial-navigation system uses silicon sensors 16-Sep-04 EDN-Design Ideas A strap-down inertial-navigation system uses silicon sensors to measure displacement without entailing the bulk and expense of moving parts or GPS receivers.  For example, a three-axis accelerometer and three angular-rate sensors can determine the position and velocity of a vehicle such as a robot or radio-controlled aircraft __ Circuit Design by Tom Niemi, Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA

Inexpensive envelope tracker handles wide signal variations 06/22/06 EDN-Design Ideas Two ICs recover NRZ data.  Converting band-limited NRZ (non-return-to-zero) data to a digital format suitable for microprocessors and other digital systems poses problems when a signal's duty cycle or amplitude varies or when its average level unpredictably wanders within a given dc range.  Transferring the signal to a fixed-reference comparator using ac coupling produces poor results because changes in duty cycle cause variations in average signal level that result in jitter or distortion of the output signal's timing. __ Circuit Design by Anthony Smith

Infrared Remote Home Control IR Remote Control for controlling home appliances can be easily made using Decade Counter CD4017, 555 Timer and TSOP1738 infrared receiver.  By using this circuit you can easily control your home appliances using your TV, DVD Player remote control or using a remote control circuit described here. __ Designed by Abhay Bajpai

Inter Operation of the DS14c335 with +5v Uarts This application brief describes the inter-operation between the DS14C335 (+3.3 V supply TIA/EIA-232 3 x 5 Driver/ Receiver) and a +5V UART.  The DS14C335, illustrated in Figure 1, is ideally suited for notebook and laptop computer applications which either employ one uniform +3.3 V supply for all internal components or mixed +3.3 V and +5V power supplies.  In mixed supply applications, the DS14C335 does NOT require a +5V to +3.3 V translator device between it and the UART.  This application brief describes how this is accomplished.   __ Designed by DS14C335-National/TI

Interface a Serial 12-Bit ADC to a PC 10-Jul-03 EDN-Design Ideas Over the years, IC manufacturers have devised various ways of effecting interfaces and paying special attention to reducing the number of ICs' interface-I/O pins.  The MAX187 is one such device, a 12-bit A/D converter.  You can create an interface to this ADC using serial data- communications techniques __ Circuit Design by DS Oberoi and Harinder Dhingra, GCET, Jammu, India

Interface connects ISA bus to P 10/09/97 EDN-Design Ideas ICs that interface directly into an ISA-bus structure can provide useful functional extensions to the M68300 family of processors that have a CPU32-style external bus, such as the 68332, 68340, 68341, and 68360 __ Circuit Design by Tom Balph, Motorola Semiconductor Products, Tempe, AZ

Interface LCD with ease 04/27/00 EDN-Design Ideas Alphanumeric LCDs find use in various embedded systems.  In these systems,Cs often lack I/O resources, so you must make optimum use of the available resources.  LCDs have a bus-oriented interfacing structure, which consumes 11 I/O lines (eight data lines and three control lines).  You cannot always afford to spare this many I/O lines.   __ Circuit Design by Bharat Mehta, Space Applications Center, Ahmedabad, India

Interface MIDI Instruments to a PC through a USB Port 04/17/08  EDN-Design Ideas You can interface MIDI-equipped musical instruments to a PC via a USB port __ Circuit Design by Stefano Palazzolo, Senago, Milan, Italy

Interface PIC16F84 to RF Module Circuit Only

Interface Ties Eight-Channel ADC to 8050 M 11/23/95 EDN-Design Ideas The circuit in Figure 1 shows a precision, multiple-channel- ADC interface for the 8051 series of embedded controllers.  The ADC interface is based on the MAX186(Maxim Integrated Products(Sunnyvale, CA]low-power, eight-channel, serial 12-bit ADC.  The figure shows __ Circuit Design by Dhananjay Vasudeo Gadre,
Inter-University Centre of Astronomy and Astrophysics Pune, India

Interfacing 16x2 Character LCD to parallel port __ Designed by Craig Peacock

Interfacing a 4X4 Keypad to a BS2 using a 74922 Encoder Chip This is a pretty basic project, I had a little trouble understanding how the 74922 worked but I after an hour or so of looking at the data sheet and using my logic probe I understood completely.  Here is a brief description of how the 74922 works.  The chip scans the keypad waiting for a keypress.  When a button is pressed pin 11 of the 74922 goes high.  Then a 4 bit binary number corresponding to the button press is sent to pins 14-17 of the IC __ Designed by shaunwilson19 @ yahoo.com

Interfacing a Graphics LCD with the Microcontroller Today, most of the electronics devices come with a liquid crystal display (LCD).  Even new fridges have it.  It is interesting as well as useful to know how to use LCDs...__ Electronics Projects for You

Interfacing Adxl202 Accelerometer to Palmpilot EE-248 Analog Devices App Note

Interfacing ADXL202 Accelerometer to Palmpilot EE-248 Analog Devices App Note

Interfacing Dot Matrix LED with Raspberry Pi You will find in this article projects for interfacing an 88 and a 57 dot-matrix display with Raspberry Pi.  Since Raspberry Pi does not have enough GPIOs, we have used its I2C...__ Electronics Projects for You


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