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Computer Interface Circuits

Computer Interface: 
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Last Updated: December 25, 2017 01:47 PM

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Half-duplex RS-232 implemented by Resistor with echo EDN-Design Ideas 11/24/1999    Sometimes, an echo is desirable in half-duplex RS-232 communications.     __ Circuit Design by Matt Bennett

HAMCOM & SoundCard MODEM interface for digital modes using serial- or soundcard audio Ham RadioModems and Soundcard interfacesschematic __ Designed by Guy Roels ON6MU

HAMCOM (SSTV, RTTY, FAX, PSK31...) modem using PC-speaker for TX Ham RadioModems and Soundcard interfaces __ Designed by Guy Roels ON6MU

HAMCOM (SSTV, RTTY, FAX...) modem using serial audio for TX Ham RadioSchematicModems and Soundcard interfaces __ Designed by Guy Roels ON6MU

HAMCOM (SSTV, RTTY, FAX...) Modem with PC speaker Ham RadioModems and Soundcard interfaces __ Designed by Guy Roels ON6MU

HAMCOM (SSTV, RTTY, FAX...) with audio from serial port Ham RadioSchematicModems and Soundcard interfaces __ Designed by Guy Roels ON6MU

HamComm Modem interface I have recently done quite a lot of work on RTTY, using the HamComm program and been so impressed that I made a PCB to support the program.  I think that I will continue to use the software, so I have registered it with the programs author: W.  F.  Schroeder, DL5YEC has obviosly put so much work into it.  The program will send and receive RTTY up to 300 bauds as well as sending and receiving CW.  I am very impressed with the programs ability to __ Designed by Harry Lythall-SM0VPO

Handy USB Breakout Box for Project Development You can build it in 10 minutes and for less than $15__ SiliconChip

Hard Disk Switch In these times with viruses and other threats from the Internet it would be nice to have reassurance that the PC cannot be infected.  That is why this circuit was designed.  It makes it possible to install multiple hard disks inside the case of a PC, which are separated in such a way that viruses

Hardened Ethernet cable goes underground 02/02/06  EDN-Design Ideas How to environmentally "harden" a Category 5 UTP (unshielded-twisted-pair] cable __ Circuit Design by Philip Freidin, Fliptronics, Sunnyvale, CA

Hardware add on provides mixed format multiply 06/22/95 EDN-Design Ideas Fixed-point-DSP users are aware of overflow problems that frequently occur in current algorithms such as digital filtering.  Many solutions to problems such as floating point or block floating point exist; these methods, however, are cumbersome and slow to execute on fixed-point machines.  An alternative is to adopt a mixed-number format consisting of an integer and a fractional part.  This technique is particularly attractive for fixed-point processors with wide data words expressed in bits.  An example is the 24-bit DSP56001 from Motorola.  Fig 1 shows a possible fit and the covered range for such a format.   __ Circuit Design by Patrice Nus and Vladimir Bochev, Universitú Henri Poincare de Nancy, Saint Die, France

Hardware Histogram Speeds ADC Test 11/13/03  EDN-Design Ideas Accumulating enough samples to effectively and accurately measure linearity errors in pipeline converters at production test and minimizing test time are difficult enough.  Add to that multiple sites, multiple channels, and the expe __ Circuit Design by Tony Zizzo Jr, Texas Instruments, Tucson, AZ

Hc08 Fan Timer Simple circuit with 16-pin Nitron chip 68HC908, easy analog setting, source code with ICC08.  New s-record for 8-pin 68HC908QT2! __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

HC-11 Evaluation Board Build a low-cost evaluation board for Motorola 68HC11.  Downloadable BUFFALO V3.4 to 32kB SRAM for learning __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

HDL basic training: Top down chip Design using Verilog & VHDL 10/24/96 EDN-Design Feature Increasingly complex ASIC and FPGA chips require you to shift from schematic-based design to design based on Verilog or VHDL.  Understanding the basics of these languages and how you use them for designing AS ICs and FPGAs will help you go with the HDL flow __ Circuit Design by óDouglas J Smith, VeriBest

Headphone driving for soundcards Computer soundcards typically have line level and speaker level outputs.  Neither of those is usually nott very suitable for driving headphones: If you connect the headphones to the line level output you will usally loose tha bass frequencies because of small coupling capacitors.  Line output circuitry might be overloaded because of too low input impedance and this can cause distortion __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

Hi-Fi PC Speaker System Standard LED VU meter, includes simple rectifier circuit for full wave detection   __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

High Efficiency 12V White LED Driver DC powered LED lighting circuits can vary from trivial single LEDs with series resistors and LEDs with simple analog current regulators to more complicated switching power supply circuits such as this project. There is a tradeoff between simplicity and circuit capabilities. This more complex circuit adds features such as regulated light level across a wide range of input voltages and automatic circuit shutoff on low input voltage. __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

High Efficiency Adaptable Power Supply for Xenpak 10gb/S Ethernet Transceivers DN295 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

High Efficiency I/O Power Generation for Mobile Pentium Iii Microprocessors DN258 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

High-Current Driver Serves Home-Power-Line Modems 10/16/03  EDN-Design Ideas Home-based power-line networking signals are similar to xDSL (digital-subscriber-line] signals in that they both typically employ a form of OFDM (orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing].  Both applications require high output curr __ Circuit Design by Ryan Metivier, Analog Devices, Wilmington, MA

High-side current Monitor operates at High-Voltage 07/22/04 EDN-Design Ideas The simplest technique for measuring current in an actuator or a motor is to monitor the ground current with a resistive element between the load and the ground.  Because the device and its associated electronics share a ground potential, you need to amplify only the ground-current signal.  This approach, however, does not detect device short circuits to ground, which can overload the high-side d __ Circuit Design by Greg Sutterlin and Brian Whitaker, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

High-speed DRAMs keep pace with High-speed systems 02/03/97 EDN-Design Feature  To get high performance from high-speed systems, you need high-performance memories.  Carefully analyze the EDO, SDRAM, and RDRAM system-timing parameters to see which memory type delivers the performance that your system needs.   __ Circuit Design by Craig Hampel, Rambus Inc

Hints & kinks for USB Decoding 02/07/02 EDN-Design Ideas The USB is a serial data-transmission system that uses cables to connect peripheral equipment to PCs.  All new computers have two orUSB receptacles, and the predictions are that they will replace most of the legacy receptacles on older PCs.  The 1.0 and 1.1 standards for USB were for 1.5 and 12 Mbps at low- and full-speed rates, respectively __ Circuit Design by Bert Erickson, Fayetteville, NY

Home Automation Over Internet Control home appliances over Internet by 8051 hardware and PC server by Ajay Bhargav.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Homebuilt RS232 LCD Interface This controller board takes anything between +5Volt to +30 Volt power , (have it's own regulator).  

Homemade Serial to Nokia MBus Interface on a PCB, without using Zener diodes My humble 6110 and its pinout.  Solidering wires directly onto the phone does not hurt it if you were wondering.  Since people have asked I have put more connection pinouts at the bottom of this page, 8810,3310,3210, 8210, 8250 __ Designed by M Barron

Hot Swap & Buffer I2C Buses DN263 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Hot Swapping the Compact PCI Bus DN155 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Hot Swapping the Compactpci Bus DN200 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Hot Swapping the PCI Bus DN155 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Hot-Mouse modified PC Mouse with heat inside Ever getting tired of cold fingers ? know the feeling ?  That is why I invented the hot-mouse sounds funny ? it is just a modified mouse with heat inside.  Now this is a nice hot-mouse, now it is much more fun to use it for many many houres. __ Designed by Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU

Hot-Swap Allows Two Computers to Monitor an RS-232 Channel 05/29/08  EDN-Design Ideas A hot-swap serial-interface circuit allows two computers to monitor all the traffic on an RS-232 port __ Circuit Design by Jeff Patterson, All Weather Inc, Sacramento, CA

How Easy-Downloader V2.0 Connects Host Pc Details description of simple protocol between programmer board and host PC's software.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

How to Connect Two or More Signal Generators to Create a Multi-Channel Waveform Generator Application Note__ Aligent

How to get power from PC to yours Application Note __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

How to Interpret DS1852 Temperature & Voltage Readings App Note/ 1194 / Oct-06__ Maxim Integrated

How to Make a Roomba Serial Interface Plug and Socket Wiring Details T568A Standard.  

How-to build a webserver for 30Euros with ENC28J60 The ENC28J60 is a single chip 10mb Ethernet controller easy to drive by a microcontroller with SPI bus.  

How-to build an USB Device with 18F4550 or 18F2551 PIC 18F4550 and 18F2550 are powerful microcontrollers including a full-speed USB V2.0 compliant interface.  With these MCU it's very easy for the hobbyist to design USB devices with very few components.  In these pages, I'm describing how to use the CDC firmware from Microchip.  It permits to emulate a serial port with a PC running Windows or Linux.  It's also very easy to build HID devices.   __ Designed by Radio LocMan

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