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Computer Interface Circuits

Computer Interface: 
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Last Updated: December 01, 2017 03:24 AM

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PC Serial Port Receiver CMOS -16 Bit This circuit was designed to control a 32 channel Christmas light  show from the PC serial port.  Originally designed with TTL logic,  it has been simplified using CMOS circuits to reduce component  count.  It is a fairly simple, reliable circuit that requires only  4 common CMOS chips   (for 8 outputs), an optical isolator, and a  few discrete components. __ Designed by Bill Bowden

PC Smartcard Reader This circuit takes all smartcard operating power from PC parallel port.  The basic circuit idea is quites similar to two simple smartcard reader shown in What you need to know about electronics telecards written by Stephane Bausson.  There are some minor differences, which means that all the same software can't be used.   __ Designed by Jose Carlos Cossio

PC speaker volume control This simple circuit can be used to control the volume of PC speaker.  The volume can be adjusted to any value between total silence and full volume.   __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

PC Table Lamp This useful circuit is built around well-known timer IC TLC555.  It activates an electric bulb when your PC is switched ‘on’.  When you shut down the PC, the lamp also automatically...__ Electronics Projects for You

PC Temperature Controller Here is a simple temperature controller that turns your personnel computer (PC) off when the temperature of the PC increases beyond the optimal temperature value.  Some of the larger integrated circuits...__ Electronics Projects for You

PC Temperture Alarm This circuit uses a temperature sensor to detect the temperature inside the PC and generates an alarm if the temperature exceeds a pre-set limit.  __ Electronics Projects for You

PC Thermometer This incredibly simple thermometer plugs on any free serial port.  Does not make use of any programmable components as microcontrollers.  It gives temperature readings accurate to 0.5°C with no calibration.  It's cheap, so I've put one on any PC I use.  And it is so nice to have the temperature shown on the Windows taskbar, that a million friends asked me to build one.   __ Contact: IQ Technologies

PC Thermometer using PC Game Joystick Port A method of measuring temperature using the PC Game port.   Display is via the program dialog or in the System tray.  V2.2.5 supports timed FTP to a web server __ Designed by andrew  AT AndysWorld

PC Thermometer v2 A method of measuring temperature using the PC Game port.  Display is via the program dialog or in the System tray.  V2.2.5 supports timed FTP to a web server.   __ Contact: IQ Technologies

PC Timer Primarily intended for installation into a desktop PC, this versatile timer with adjustable time output provides controlled ‘on’ time for PC peripherals like printers, scanners and desktop reading lamps.  As it...__ Electronics Projects for You

PC to microcontroller communications using power from the PC serial port Microcontroller based electronic circuit

PC to SRAM Interface for the XSV Board (Univ.  of Queensland) 

PC/XS Transfer A circuit and C code for bidirectional transfer of data between an XS40 Board and a PC

PCB Trace Width Calculator This Javascript web calculator calculates the trace width for printed circuit boards based on a curve fit to IPC-2221 (formerly IPC-D-275).  Also see the via calculator.   __ Designed by Brad Suppanz

PC-Based Candle Ignitor Here’s a PC-based lighting system that lets you light up a candle using matchsticks by just pressing the ‘Enter’ key on the PC’s keyboard.  It is especially useful when celebrating such...__ Electronics Projects for You

PC-Based Configurable Filter Uses No Digital Potentiometers 01/23/03 EDN-Design Ideas Fleapower flasher draws less than 50 µAModern instrumentation requires digital control signals.  These signals come from a central microprocessor or, in modern context, the popular parallel or serial PC ports.  In recent times, digital potentiometers have eliminated the hassles from this interface for the analog section.  Designers can replace the resistors of the analog design with digital potentiometers, thus providing the necessary __ Circuit Design by Saurav Gupta and Tejinder Singh, New Delhi, India

PC-Based DC Motor Speed Controller This circuit allows you to control the speed of a DC motor (in eight levels) from your PC’s parallel port.  The PC uses a software program to control the speed of...__ Electronics Projects for You

PC-Based Equipment Controller Presented here is a Windows-based project that can control up to eight electrical devices using a personal computer.  Connecting a computer to external devices is becoming essential in our day-to-day life...__ Electronics Projects for You

PC-Based ISA Data Acquisition & Control Board The hardware is shown in the picture (might take a little while to load).  Don't be the least bit concerned if you don't understand everything in the first few paragraphs below.  Their purpose is to provide a brief description of the hardware to those who understand the terminology.   __ Designed by Joe D. Reeder

PC-Based Stepper Motor Controller This stepper motor controller is perhaps the cheapest, smallest and simplest.  A pair of H-bridges with a software program written in ‘C++’ is used to control the bipolar stepper motor with...__ Electronics Projects for You

PC-Based Wireless Control for Toy Car Here we show how you can control a toy car through your PC’s serial port using a pair of ASK transmitter and receiver modules.  The received signal is decoded by a...__ Electronics Projects for You

PC-Board layout eases high-speed transmission 011/08/01 EDN-Design Ideas As digital techniques move to higher speeds, designers become aware of the need to treat pc-board traces as RF transmission lines.  In these lines, you strive to hold the line impedance, Z0, to a constant value—typically, 50Ω—and to terminate the line with the same impedance __ Circuit Design by Gregory Adams, Moorestown Microwave Co, Moorestown, NJ

PC-Board Shields 02/19/04 EDN-Design Ideas Many pc-board assemblies require shields to reduce susceptibility to interference from electromagnetic fields.  A classic example is a radio receiver, in which the front end usually needs high isolation from the tuning synthesizer.  Historically, shields for low-volume or low-cost applications involve trade-offs.  You can't justify the cost of a custom-cast shield, and shields machined from aluminum burn through money as fast as the end mills go dull.  You can make a simple shield for just a few dollars by using commonly available die-cast aluminum "project boxes, " such as those from Hammond Manufacturing (www.  hammondmfg.  com).  These boxes come in sizes from 2×2 in.  to more than 7×4 in.  You turn the project box into a shield by sandwiching the pc board between the top and the bottom of the box, thus completely enclosing the sensitive circuitry.   __ Circuit Design by Steve Hageman, Windsor, CA

PC-configurable RLC resonator yields single-output filter 7-Aug-03 EDN-Design Ideas This design idea presents a versatile filter circuit for low-power-consumption instrumentation that you can program from your PC using the parallel port.  The circuit uses analog switches and latches instead of digital potentiometers for the digital control(figures 1 and 2].  By running simple software code on the PC, you can configure a single robust design to work as a lowpass, highpass, or b __ Circuit Design by Saurav Gupta, New Delhi, India

PC-Controlled Burglar Alarm System Fancy a full-featured alarm control panel with dialler capabilities? This one is PC-programmed and controlled and can handle up to eight zones.  The PC only needs to be powered up for arming and disarming, or you can use an optional keypad.__ SiliconChip

PC-Driven LED Display Here is a circuit to generate sequentially running light effects using a simple program written in C.  The output of the program is taken from the LPT port of a PC...__ Electronics Projects for You

PC's BIOS interrupt drives twin stepper Motors 09/14/00 EDN-Design Ideas A simple and low-cost design achieves a twin stepper drive using a PC's special BIOS interrupt, INT1Ch, through the PC's parallel port(Figure 1).  Turbo C control software programs the parallel port for the task of independently running two stepper motors.  Users can write the appropriate control software for the required movement of two independent __ Circuit Design by J Jayapandian, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, India

PC's IRQ7 & INT1Ch measure currents, charges 10/12/00 EDN-Design Ideas Figure 1 shows that you can use just two interrupts(IRQ7 and INT1Ch] of a PC and a few inexpensive components to make simultaneous measurements of two electrical quantities.  Two examples are low currents and their associated charges, parameters important in ion implanters.   PDF contains multiple circuitsscroll to find this circuit[K Suresh, IGCAR, Tamil Nadu, India] __ Circuit Design by K Suresh, IGCAR, Tamil Nadu, India

PC's parallel port & a PLD host multiple stepper Motors & switches 02/16/06 EDN-Design Ideas Well-suited for robotics applications requiring motion in several direction __ Circuit Design by Eduardo Perez-Lobato

PC's parallel port to program a clock source 12/07/04 EDN-Design Ideas This design idea shows how you can use Linear Technology's LTC6903 programmable oscillator as a clock source for direct-digital synthesis, data conversion, switched-capacitor filtering, clock, and voltage-controlled oscillator circuits.  The LTC6903 operates from 2.7 to 5.5V with modest power consumption and can produce clock signals at frequencies of 1 kHz to 68 MHz __ Circuit Design by William Grill, Honeywell BRGA, Lenexa, KS

PCS RF stage Design: tackling the trade offs 11/21/96 EDN-Design Feature  Building Effective RF design requires that you carefully manage trade-offs.  You'll have to accept less-than-optimum performance in some dimensions to achieve your primary objectives __ Circuit Design by Bill Schweber, Technical Editor

PCS: Not Just Another Cell Phone 11/21/96 EDN-Design Feature  Low-cost, high-functionality digital chip sets are becoming available for wireless base-station and terminal, or handset, applications, making personal communications service(PCS] affordable enough for mass-market deployment.  As new capabilities emerge, PCS may even begin to rival wireline telephones as the predominant way __ Circuit Design by Stephen Kempainen

Perform Hexadecimal-To-BCD Conversion In Firmware 10/07/10 EDN-Design Ideas Converting in firmware eliminates a conversion chip.    __ Circuit Design by Abel Raynus, Armatron International, Malden, MA

PG4S programming Cable for the Kenwood TM-V7 & TM-G707 After buying a nice Kenwood TM-V7 VHF+UHF dualband mobile rig, I noticed how tedious could be programming it.  I found on the web the PC software for programming it free at the Kenwood web site.  The original PG-4S was available also for a reasonable price from Kenwood dealers.  Anyway, I found the idea of designing an SMD printed circuit board that could fit inside the DB-9 connector box very attractive.  Here is the result of my work on that idea. __ Designed by EB4EQA

Phone USB charge hack Iphone, Ipad, HTC phone, how to charge via home made charge cable  __ Designed by Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU

PIC 3rd Harmonic Meter The PIC board detects 3rd harmonic distortion of AC power line.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

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