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Computer Interface Circuits

Computer Interface: 
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Last Updated: December 01, 2017 03:24 AM

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Band Pass Network Circuit Ideas for Designers App Note__ Advanced Linear Devices, Inc

Basic routine simplifies factoring 09/12/97 EDN-Design Ideas  Logarithms greatly simplify mamatical operations.  Factoring, however, presents a problem  Pocket calculators are clumsy when it comes to that operation.  The program factor.   bas  (Listing 1]is a convenient alternative if you want to obtain results in 3 minutes or less  (that is, turn on  computer, put  disk in  b  drive, select "qbasic," run  program, __ Circuit Design by Alan Land, Keystone Digital Co, Pittsburgh, PA

Basic Stamp I & PC Relay Controller This project shows you how to build a relay controller using the Basic Stamp I interfaced to the PC serial port.    The Visual Basic 5 software developed for the interface lets you interact with the Basic Stamp to turn ON/OFF up to   (2) relays attached to the Basic Stamp I/O pins.    As shown below in the screen capture of PC-Relay, it's easy to select the desired com port using the drop-down menu __ Designed by Reynold's Elec

Basic UPS This circuit is a simple form of the commercial UPS, the circuit provides a constant regulated 5 Volt output and an unregulated 12 Volt supply.  In the event of electrical supply line failure the battery takes over, with __ Designed by Andy Collinson

Basic USB-RS232 Communication with PIC MicroControllers The quickest way to display something is probably sending the data to the computer to be displayed on the monitor.  One of the ways to do this is to use the USART module on board the PIC Microcontroller by making use of the pins RC6 and RC7 which is also the TX and RX pins respectively when the SPEN bit on the RCSTA register is set.

Bell 202 & CCITT V23 Compatible FSK Modem Using TCM3105 FSK modem chip from Texas Instruments, you can easily build a Bell 202 or CCITT V23 compatible modem.  This modem circuit is capable transmitting the data at 75, 150, 600, and 1200 baud, and receive the data at 5, 75, 150, 600, and 1200 baud.  This circuit operate at 5V supply and has low power consumption feature__ Circuit's schematic diagram sourceTexas Instruments Application Notes

Bicycle USB Charger This circuit has been developed to add a USB charging port to a bicycle for charging a mobile phone.  The input supply for the circuit is produced by a dynamo   (6V,...__ Electronics Projects for You

Bi-Directional Level Translator You often need to convert a logic signal from one power-supply voltage to another.  This conversion is a relatively simple task, unless the signal happens to be bidirectional.  Serial buses such as Access.  Bus, I2C, and SBI use bidireΨt into __ Designed by Jim Haggerman, Hagerman Technology LLC

BIOS INT1Ch measures frequency 09/01/00 EDN-Design Ideas The design in Figure 1 shows how you can exploit BIOS INT1Ch of a PC, which occurs 18.2 times/sec, along with a few inexpensive components and LPT1, to measure frequencies from 1 Hz to into the megahertz range.  The design requires no expensive general-purpose or tailor-made data-acquisition card/logger.   __ Circuit Design by K Suresh, Indira Ghandi Centre for Atomic Research, Tamil Nadu, India

BIOS interrupt does eight-channel frequency counting 12/21/00 EDN-Design Ideas The simple, no-cost connection in Figure 1 provIdeas frequency measurement for eight pulse trains through a PC's LPT1 port.  The method uses a special BIOS interrupt and its handler routine without any hardware circuitry.  The interrupt-handler routine, written in Turbo C, recognizes the external clock pulses coupled to the eight lines in the LPT1 port and determines their frequency, the number of pulses per second   (Listing 1).   __ Circuit Design by J Jayapandian, IGCAR, Tamil Nadu, India

BIOS interrupt performs A/D conversion  03/16/00 EDN-Design Ideas Most A/D-conversion techniques use dedicated hardware, usually a single-chip IC.  The flexible conversion technique allows you to use successive-approximation, ramp-type, or other converters by writing the appropriate control software.  The design in Figure 1 uses a PC's parallel port for interface to a DAC and a special BIOS interrupt   (INT 1CH) for the conversion process.    __ Circuit Design by J Jayapandian

Bit Wacker-18F2550 This is an easy to assemble, through-hole version of the popular UBW board.  This is a spectacular little development board featuring the PIC18F2550.  Based on the work of Brian Schmalz, the UBW is a small board with a command interpreter for basic input and output control.  When attached to a Windows/Max OS X/Linux computer, the UBW will show up as an RS232 Com port! You control the individual I/O pins on the PIC through simple serial commands.  This is a kit and includes a pre-programmed 18F2550 and both male and female connectors so you can choose which connector you would prefer.  

Bit Whacker-Simple Circuit input/ output Device The UBW board is a small board that contains a Microchip PIC USB-capable microcontroller, headers to bring out all of the PICs signal lines   (to a breadboard for example) , only costs about $15-$20 to build and is powered from the USB connection.  I designed this board to be a simple parallel port replacement tool for Bruce Shapiro for use in his bits-to-bytes-to-bots class.  Apologies to all other 'Whacker' projects like EDTP's Packet Whacker for stealing a great name.  All tools used to design this project are free, and the design is open to anyone to use for whatever they wish.  Please build your own and improve upon it!.  

BMAC Device Software Design Guide [AN-678] App Note Dated05-Aug-1995__ National Semiconductor

Boot Loader for TMS320 Uses Bytewide EPROM 04/25/96 EDN-Design Ideas The price of high-speed DSP chips continues to drop.  The devices pack a lot of horsepower into small packages and are widely available.  In contrast, high-speed  (<-4-nsec]EPROMs are not only expensive, but also scarce.  To enhance the usefulness of their chips, DSP-chip manufacturers include an onboard boot-loader ROM __ Circuit Design by Robert Richards, Digital Audio Corp, Raleigh, NC

Buffer adapts single ended signals for differential inputs 09/02/04  EDN-Design Ideas DC coupling of single-ended signals into differential-input, single-supply ADCs can be challenging.  The input signal requires level shifting from ground to VS/2 as well as single-ended-to-differential conversion.  In addition, you mu __ Designed by Randall Carver, Analog Devices Inc, Greensboro, NC

Build a complete industrial-ADC interface using a microcontroller & a sigma-delta Modulator 5-Jul-07 EDN-Design Ideas Handling both 0 to 10V and 0- to 20-mA inputs, this circuit digitizes the inputs and feeds a low-cost microcontroller __ Circuit Design by Patrick Weber and Craig Windish, Siemens Energy and Automation, Pittsburgh, PA

Build a HamComm Data Slicer Until recently many of the ham radio operating modes required specialist equipment that most often had to by build and was exclusive to the task.  Enter the Personal Computer.  The PC made life a little easier for the ham as it was now able to take over some of the jobs that bespoke hardware did.  But it still wasn't quite there yet.  The task of the PC was mainly to be a 'front end' to a now multi capable bespoke box

Build a MIDI Keyboard Build a PIC based DIY midi keyboard for under $30 and by using free VSTs   (virtual instruments) you get a powerful music creation system

Build a Simple Circuit Serial Programmer for AVR Devices Note that the AVR910 programmer does not support all AVR processors, especially the newest chips.  Be sure to check the documentation to see if it supports the version   (s) of the processor you are interested in __ Designed by Dick Cappels

Build a UPS for USB Devices 04/11/02 EDN-Design Ideas Portable systems often include circuitry that derives power from an external source, such as USB.  When the system disconnects from the USB supply, a battery takes over and supplies current via a DC/DC converter.  A diode-OR connection  (Figure 1) offers the easiest way to ensure that the supply voltage doesn't sag during this switchover to the battery __ Circuit Design by Mark Cherry and Jean-Claude Ailloud, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA, and France

Build a USB Powered AA NiMH
& NiCd Battery Charger
I’m always complaining about all the chargers and wall warts I need to carry with me when going on a trip.  This project, which can charge a pair of AA Nickel Metal Hydride   (NiMH
) or Nickel Cadmium   (NiCd) cells using a laptop’s USB port for power, arose to address part of that problem. __ Contact: Stefan Vorkoetter

Build a USB-based GPIB controller 112/06/05 EDN-Design Ideas Roll-your-own USB-based instrumentation bus __ Circuit Design by Boštjan Glazar, Marko Jankovec, and Marko Topic, Laboratory of Semiconductor Devices, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Build a USB-Controlled Electrocardiograph It's controlled by a USB port on your PC or laptop and displays a person's electrocardiogram   (ECG) on the monitor or LCD screen__ SiliconChip

Build Network-Attached Storage with an Old Computer For those wondering if they could get rid of all the external hard drives and cables lying around, or find a way to use that ancient CPU or laptop gathering dust...__ Electronics Projects for You

Build your own IrDA SIR Transceiver (Dongle) using MCP2120 How to build your own IRDA SIR Transceiver  (Dongle) for Linux using the MCP2120 __ Designed by Felix Tang

Build your own Joysticks & Controllers Building your own normal PC joystick is not economically wise, but if you can't find a joystick you would like to have, then you have te consider doing it yourself.  The connections inside PC joystick are quite simple to do, the harder part is the mechanics.  Buttons are quite easy to mout to the case you use when you select suitable buttons, but the problematic __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

Build your own MARES dive computer IRIS interface for RS232 Why pay up to 100 Euro for an IRIS interface when I can use a soldering iron.  Thanks to the info at www.ektm.de I started building my own interface.  But I soon ran into a problem.  You need a TSOP4156 which can be a tough one to get or expensive to buy.  I had plenty of old BPW41 Infrared diodes so I decided to build my own receiver. __ Designed by Edward John Cardew

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