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Digital  / Logic Circuits 
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Last Updated on: Thursday, November 30, 2017 04:23 PM

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Balanced Output Board for the Stereo DA - C -  This project was inspired by requests from a number of readers.  Essentially they said that the GPS module was great for obtaining a precise time but could we produce a project that used its full capabilities for use in a vehicle?__ SiliconChip

Basic LM3909 LED Flasher -  LED flasher with the LM3909 IC and runs from1.5-Volt battery.   __ Designed by Tony van Roon  VA3AVR

Basic Stamp Computer Eases Prototyping hassles -  04/09/98 EDN-Design Ideas -    (File has many circuits.  Scroll to find this one) Many of today's complex ICs use a common three-wire serial interface to provide programming access.  These ICs typically end up in circuits that include a C or a CPU, and the controller or CPU then has the burden of programming the serially controlledseveral circuits included, scroll the find this one __ Circuit Design by Med Dyer, Jabra Corp, San Diego, CA

Basic Stamp I & PC Relay Controller -  This project shows you how to build a relay controller using the Basic Stamp I interfaced to the PC serial port.    The Visual Basic 5 software developed for the interface lets you interact with the Basic Stamp to turn ON/OFF up to    (2) relays attached to the Basic Stamp I/O pins.    As shown below in the screen capture of PC-Relay, it's easy to select the desired com port using the drop-down menu __ Designed by Reynold's Elec

Beam Robot -  PIC Project  Most of the BEAM robots I've seen on the net are using hardware analog electronics.  It seemed that a PIC would work very well for this kind of project.  Very little extra circuitry is needed to do both forword and backword walking sequences along with a few other tricks.  The PIC16F818 has a lot of features that work well in this situation.   __ Designed by Luhan MonatMesa Arizona

Bed Wetting Alert -  Keep the tide out with this effective bed wetting alarm.  You just add some circuitry to Jaycar's "Secret Farter" and make a sensor.__ SiliconChip

Bench Supply -  PIC Project  This unit delivers 0 to 20 volts at up to 4 amps in 0.1volt increments.  The entire device runs on a PIC16F870    (about $3 in small quantities) .  This is basically a switching power supply with the voltage regulation done in software.  The PIC used here has analog inputs    (used to measure voltage and current) and hardware PWM    (pulse width modulation) output used to control the power.   __ Designed by Luhan MonatMesa Arizona

Better Cheap Video -  PIC Project  This device uses a PIC16F1825 for improved performance.  Many of its internal features make it a dandy device for this application.   __ Designed by Luhan MonatMesa Arizona

Better, faster, random numbers -  PIC Project  Many random number generators are software versions of the hardware shift register feedback circuit.  Two problems with this approach are that this operation is usually clumsy in software and the results have some noticeable patterns.   __ Designed by Luhan MonatMesa Arizona

Biasing MMIC Amplifiers e.g. ERA SERIES -  AN-60-010 Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

Bi-Directional Level Translator -  You often need to convert a logic signal from one power-supply voltage to another.  This conversion is a relatively simple task, unless the signal happens to be bidirectional.  Serial buses such as Access.  Bus, I2C, and SBI use bidire�Ψt into __ Designed by Jim Haggerman, Hagerman Technology LLC

Big-Digit 12/24 Hour Clock -  It's large, it's bright, it's very accurate and can be used in either 12 or 24-hour mode.  A PIC processor powers the works.__ SiliconChip

Bipolars provide stable current source -  09/24/98 EDN-Design Ideas NOTE :  multiple circuits, scoll to this one.  It's possible to implement a precise current source with a useful output at high frequencies, without using operational amplifiers.  The circuit in Figure 1a suffers inaccuracies from both the VBE drop and the finite base current of the transistor.  The circuit in Figure 1b overcomes the base-current problem, but has two VBE drops and does not perform well at high frequencies.    __ Circuit Design by Bill Morong, Morong's Harness, Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Bob Blick's Propeller Clock -  A motor spins the "propeller", and a small microprocessor keeps track of time and changes the pattern on seven LEDs with exact timing to simulate a 7 by 30 array of LEDs.  It is an illusion, but it works nicely.   __ Designed by Bob Blick

Body Detector -  If someone comes within cooee it will catch 'em!__ SiliconChip

Boost your ZigBEE range  -  Simple "roll your own" antennas for the XBee__ SiliconChip

Booze Buster Breath Tester -  Use this fun device to test your soberity, err sobrity, err how much you have had to drink but dont rely on it to drive.__ SiliconChip

Bridge Adaptor for Stereo Power Amplifiers -  Would you like to connect a stereo amplifier in "bridge mode" in order to deliver double the power to a single loudspeaker system? This simple adaptor allows you to do it, without any modifications being necessary to the power amplifiers themselves.__ SiliconChip

Bridges -  AN43 Subtitled "Marrying Gain and Balance, " this note covers signal conditioning circuits for various types of bridges.  Included are transducer bridges, AC bridges, Wien bridge oscillators, Schottky bridges, and ors.  Special attention is given to amplifier selection criteria.  Appended sections cover strain gauge transducers, understanding distortion measurements, and historical perspectives on bridge readout mechanisms and Wein bridge oscillators.  __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Bright 20W LED Floodlight -  Last February, we published a DIY 10W LED Floodlight, which has been enormously popular.  We said that one was almost blindingbut to paraphrase Croc Dundee, that's not bright.  THIS one is BRIGHT!__ SiliconChip

Build 3-State Logic Probe  -  For less than 10 bucks you can build a piece of test gear that you'll find is one of the handiest in your tool kit__ SiliconChip

Build a 12/24V 3-Stage Solar Charge Controller -  Are you building the ultrasonic anti-fouling unit for your boat? You will need a solar panel and a charge controller to keep the batteries topped up.  Or are you thinking of a large solar panel for your caravan or 4-wheel drive? Again, you will need a solar charge controller.  This is the one to build.__ SiliconChip

Build a 6-Digit Nixie Clock, Pt.1 -  We have been wanting to produce this Nixie Clock project for a long time and now it has finally come to fruition.  It has the warm, fascinating glow of Nixie tubes with their hypnotic counting action, mixed with a cool blue glow from a high-brightness LED from underneath each tube.  It makes an eye-catching display, both during the day and at night.__ SiliconChip

Build a 6-Digit Nixie Clock, Pt.2 -  Last month, we gave some of the history of Nixie tubes and described the design of the NX14 clock and its circuit.  This month, we give the assembly details and describe the optional blue LED up-lighting which we think that most constructors will definitely want, together with the attractive see-through Perspex case.__ SiliconChip

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