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Digital  / Logic Circuits 
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Last Updated on: Thursday, November 30, 2017 04:23 PM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Build a Beam-Break Flash Trigger -  Here's an easy-to-build accessory for the Time Delay Photoflash Trigger described in our February 2009 issue.  It triggers the delay unit and your photoflash in response to an object interrupting an invisible beam of infrared    (IR) light.  Alternatively, it can be used on its own to directly trigger a photoflash.__ SiliconChip

Build a Brownout Protector -  What is a "brownout"? This rather graphically describes what happens to your lights when the AC mains voltage drops dramaticallythey get very dim.  But apart from dim lights, brownouts are a fatal hazard to induction motors, as used in air conditioners, pumps, dishwashers and a lot of other appliances.__ SiliconChip

Build a charger for your iPod or MP3 player -  Charge your iPOD without connecting it to a computer!__ SiliconChip

Build a Compact 12V 20W Stereo Amplifier -  Amplifiers which run from 12V DC generally don?t put out much power and they are usually not hifi as well.  But this little stereo amplifier ticks the power and low distortion boxes.  With a 14.4V supply, it will deliver 20 watts per channel into 4-ohm loads at clipping while harmonic distortion at lower power levels is typically less than 0.03%.__ SiliconChip

Build a Digital Insulation Meter -  Think all your double-insulated power tools are safe, just because they are double insulated? As many have found to their ultimate cost, wear and tear on tools can mean that they become decidedly unsafe.  Here's a meter that will give you back your peace-of-mind ? on tools and many other electrical and electronic devices.__ SiliconChip

Build a Digital PLL with Three ICs -  05/10/12  EDN-Design Ideas A counter’s self-presetting feedback loop hunts for the center count.   __ Circuit Design by Dave Allen, Dash Inc, Kansas City, KS

Build a Digital Spirit Level -  This project is really on the errr level.  It's an inclinometer, an electronic version of the old spirit level except that this one gives a digital readout of the angle of any flat surface in 0.1° increments from 0-360°.  A MEMS accelerometer chip, as found in tablets and smart phones, is at the heart of the project.__ SiliconChip

Build a Hearing Loop Level Meter -  Setting the correct signal level and minimising noise are critical factors when setting up a hearing loop.  This easy-to-build tester can display field strength levels over a 27dB range.  Here's how it works, how to build it and how to use it.__ SiliconChip

Build a Hearing Loop Level Meter, Pt.2 -  Last month, we described the circuit for the Hearing Loop Tester and gave the assembly details.  This month, we show how to build a calibration coil and adjust the tester so that it gives accurate results.  We also describe how the unit is used.__ SiliconChip

Build a Hearing Loop Receiver -  This receiver is designed to pick up the signal from a hearing loop and will drive a pair of headphones.  You can use it with a hearing loop you install in your own home or with commercial loops already installed in halls and churches.__ SiliconChip

Build a Hot Wire Cutter -  It's easy to build and lets you cut plastic foam without mess.__ SiliconChip

Build a Jacob's Ladder -  High voltage displays have always been awe-inspiring.  They not only look and sound spectacularthey even have a pungent smell, caused by the ozone which is generated by any high voltage discharge.  One of the most fascinating high voltage displays is the Jacob's Ladder, in which a series of sparks continually climb between two vertical wires.__ SiliconChip

Build a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner -  Most readers would know that you can obtain small ultrasonic cleaners for jewellery and similar small items.  So why not a much larger version? It would be great for cleaning automotive and other mechanical parts, fabrics which cannot be machine washed, ornate bric-a-brac and a host of other hard-to-clean items.__ SiliconChip

Build a LED Dice -  A PIC microcontroller makes the circuit really simple.  We tell you how it was designed and show you how to build it.__ SiliconChip

Build a Loudspeaker Protector -  THE SPEAKER in the above photo is well on fire and this could be the result of a relatively minor fault in an audio amplifier.  As anyone who has been following our series on the Ultra-LD Mk.3 Amplifier would be well aware, big power amplifiers have big power supplies and so a relatively minor fault in one channel of a stereo amplifier can result in a large DC voltage being applied to one of your precious    (and expensive) loudspeakers.__ SiliconChip

Build a Magnetic Stirrer -  Want CONSISTENTLY GREAT home-brew? Build this magnetic stirrer!__ SiliconChip

Build a Microcurrent DMM Adaptor -  You might not be aware of it but your digital multimeter is unable to make accurate current measurements in low-voltage circuits because of its "burden voltage".  This precision current adaptor solves that problem and greatly improves the measurement accuracy, as well.__ SiliconChip

Build a MIDI Drum Kit -  This do-it-yourself MIDI drum kit can produce just about any musical sound you can think of, either via a computer or a synthesiser.__ SiliconChip

Build a MIDI Drum Kit Part 2 -  Last month we introduced our latest MIDI instrument, the MIDI Drum Kit offering a staggering 546 drum sounds and not a stretched skin in sight! Here's all you need to know to put the control unit togetherand it's not that difficult...__ SiliconChip

Build a MIDI Drum Kit Part 3 -  PART 3building the sensors and stand__ SiliconChip

Build a Multi-Sector Sprinkler Controller -  At last: a multi sector sprinkler controller that's easy to program.__ SiliconChip

Build a PC Infrared Transceiver -  Add infrared capability to your PC for peanuts.__ SiliconChip

Build a Simple Circuit Seismograph On a Protoboard -  Mount a Seismograph on a Protoboard, PEBBLE it then transfer it to a KPB.  What's a KPB? Read on!__ SiliconChip

Build a Temperature Logger -  Standalone unit can record up to 2048 measurements and display the results on your PC.__ SiliconChip

Build a USB-Controlled Electrocardiograph -  It's controlled by a USB port on your PC or laptop and displays a person's electrocardiogram    (ECG) on the monitor or LCD screen__ SiliconChip

Build a V8 Doorbell -  Is the sound of a V8 engine music to your ears? This project will give you a deep-throated V8 rumble when your front doorbell is pressed__ SiliconChip

Build a Voice-Activated Relay (VOX) -  Triggers devices on and off with sound.__ SiliconChip

Build an AVR ISP Serial Programmer -  It allows you to reprogram your AVR micro in a flash, without even removing it from the application circuit.__ SiliconChip

Build an Intercom Station Expander -  It's called the "Addacom" and it lets you add four extra stations to any existing 2-way intercom.__ SiliconChip

Build the Bass Blazer -  It gives a visual readout of the bass signals from your home theatre or car stereo system on four bargraph displays__ SiliconChip

Build the Decision Maker -  Can't make up your mind? Build this simple unit for an emphatic answer when ever indecision strikes.__ SiliconChip

Build the Picman Programmable Robot -  A PIC microcontroller lets you program in the commands.__ SiliconChip

Build this magnetic cartridge preamplifier -  Do you have an old turntable but no RIAA inputs on your preamplifier? If so, you need this preamplifier for playback and for converting them to CD or MP3 format.__ SiliconChip

Build Your Own Radar Speed Gun, Pt.1 -  If you're into any kind of racinglike cars, bikes, boats or even horsesthis project is for you.  It's a microwave Doppler speed radar system, similar to the expensive gear used by traffic police, only much cheaper.  It can read directly in km/h or mph for speeds up to 250km/h+.__ SiliconChip

Build Your Team a Professional Sports Scoreboard; Pt.1 -  Inductance & Q-Factor Meter, Pt.2__ SiliconChip

Building the Ultimate Jukebox -  Last month we looked at what we wanted in the Ultimate Jukebox.  Now let's start building it...__ SiliconChip

Building the Ultimate Jukebox; Pt 1 -  In the days of IPods, MP3 players and all manner of fit-in-your-pocket, "music on the go" devices, why on earth would anyone want to build a freestanding jukeboxwhich, by definition, is almost a piece of furniture?__ SiliconChip

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