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Programmable Device Codes
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Capacitance Proximity Switch
Draws very low power - Ideal for battery-powered applications
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Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Programmable Continuity Tester-  Our go/no-go continuity tester giving you the ability to set minimum continuity.__ SiliconChip

Programmable Continuity Tester-  Easy-to-build unit lets you set the continuity "pass" threshold to anywhere between 1Ω and 100Ω.  It makes an Ideal go/no-go tester.__ SiliconChip

Programmable Current Source Powers Charge-  06/22/95  EDN Design Ideas:  The circuit in Fig 1 is a digitally programmable current source capable of sourcing currents as high as 2.55A.  The circuit is intended for use in "smart chargers" (for NiCd or NiMH
batteries containing as many as 10 cells) in applications that require fas __ Circuit Design by Chester Simpson and Fred Hamilton, National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA

Programmable current source requires no power supply-  06/12/08  EDN Design Ideas:  A programmable current source is useful for creating I-V curves, charging and discharging batteries, preloading power supplies, and many other applications __ Circuit Design by John Guy, National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA

Programmable Digital Code Lock-  A programmable code lock can be used for numerous applications in which access to an article/gadget is to be restricted to a limited number of persons.  __ Designed by Radio LocMan

Programmable Diode Biases Bridge-  03/17/94 EDN Design Ideas:  A programmable reference diode, such as the Motorola TL431A, can supply constant-current bias for a silicon pressure-sensor bridge (Fig 1].  This circuit is simpler than using an op amp and separate reference diode or than using a current diode, which requires temperature compensation. The TL431A produces a VREF of 2.5V over a current range of 1 to 100 mA.   __ Circuit Design by EDN-Access Design by Patrick J Worcester, KAKM TV, Anchorage, AK

Programmable Divider Restores SVGA Pixel Clock-  03/28/96 EDN Design Ideas:  If you've tried to design a video-overlay board that works with super-video-graphics-adapter (SVGA) graphics through a feature connector, you've probably noticed that the frequency of the supplied clock signal is not always equal to the pixel-clock frequency.  In high-color modes (32, 000, 64, 000, and 16 million colors) , the clock usually runs at 2 or 3x the pixel frequency.  You can restore the pixel clock by using a simple programmable divider, as opposed to the more complex PLL circuit used in many video-overlay boards.  Figure 1 shows the divider circuit __ Circuit Design by Piotr Mazur, Wikom, Warsaw, Poland

Programmable Door- Bell with Flashing LEDs-  IC1 (NE555) is used here as a clock generator.  It is configured as an astable multivibrator whose frequency can be adjusted with the help of pot meter VR1.  The clock pulses obtained...__ Electronics Projects for You

Programmable Driver Targets Piezoelectric Actuators-  EDN-Design Ideas -- 06/09/11  Use a microcontroller and two op amps to drive a piezo-screw actuator. __ Circuit Design by P Saxena, VK Dubey, IJ Singh, and HS Vora, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore, India

Programmable electronic dice-  Here's a simple programmable electronic dice with numeric display.  This dice can be programmed using a 4-way DIP switch to display any random number between '1' and '2, ' '1' and '3, ' or '1' and '9.  ' __ Designed by Electronics Projects for You

Programmable Electronic Thermostat-  It's programmed using a PC and has three relays to control external equipment.__ SiliconChip

Programmable Filter Uses Parallel Processing-  05/23/96 EDN Design Ideas:  The circuit in Figure 1 uses an easy trick to produce a stable highpass filter.  The trick is to simply take a lowpass filter and subtract the filter output from input signal.  The mathematical basis for this method is K (s) =1-1/ (1+ts) =ts/ (1+ts) , where K (s) is the filter's overall transfer function, and 1/ (1+ts) and ts/ (1+ts) are the typical, respective transfer functions of the lowpass and highpass filters.
This approach has several advantages.  First, the lowpass filter itself has excellent stability and noise immunity. __ Circuit Design by Alex Belousov, Rego Park, NY

Programmable Impedance Has 12-Bit Resolution-  05/23/96 EDN Design Ideas:  The circuit in Figure 1 converts an input digital code into electrical impedance.  The figure shows the equivalent circuit, for which you can digitally program CEQ and REQ with 12-bit resolution.  Possible applications for this circuit include programmable filters and signal generators, digital measuring bridges, impedance standards, and particularly, dynamic skin-impedance simulators for biomedical applications. __ Circuit Design by Alex Belousov, Rego Park, NY

Programmable Industrial On-Off Timer with RF Remote-  In most of the modern manufacturing and processing industries, there is complete industrial automation through sophisticated hardware and software like programmable logic controller (PLC) , distributed control system (DCS) , and supervisory control...__ Electronics Projects for You

Programmable Interval Timer for Live Shows-  In live competitions and shows, each item has a predetermined fixed minimum time, maximum time and grace time.  The item being presented should complete between minimum and maximum time.  Sometimes, grace...__ Electronics Projects for You

Programmable IR remote control-  NEC-SIRCS-JAPAN-RC5-SAMSUNG compatible, multiprotocol infrared remote control.  Replaces up to 6 existing remote controls into one.  With manual learning function, LED and/or LCD display...2V6 - 3V2, low power. __ Designed by Michel Bavin

Programmable LED-  Alex Inspired by various LED Throwies, blinking LEDs and similar instructables I wanted to do my version of an LED controlled by a microcontroller.  The idea is to make the LED blinking sequence reprogrammable.  This reprogramming can be done with __ Designed by Radio LocMan

Programmable LED Flashers-  LED goes to steady state after a preset number of flashes; Two simple, wide supply range operating circuits __ Contact Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Programmable LED indicator-  This circuit uses CD4017 to program a bicolour LED in ten different modes with combinations of red and green. __ Electronics Projects for You

Programmable oscillator uses digital potentiometers-  03/07/02 EDN Design Ideas:  Digital potentiometers are versatile devices; you can use them in many filtering and waveform-generation applications.  This design idea describes an oscillator in which setting the resistance of two digital potentiometers independently programs the oscillation amplitude and frequency.  Figure 1 shows a typical diode-stabilized Wien-bridge oscillator that generates accurate sine waves fro __ Circuit Design by Alan Li, Analog Devices, San Jose, CA

Programmable PIC-Powered Timer-  This PIC-based timer can be set for any period from one second up to 680 days and even (theoretically) up to nearly 60 years.__ SiliconChip

Programmable Power Supply with Tl431-  TL431 and LM431 are relatively low-noise, stable and low-cost shunt regulators.  These can be used to build all sorts of power supplies including programmable power supplies, advantages of which are enormous....__ Electronics Projects for You

Programmable Ramp Generator Has 14-Bit Linearity-  09/12/96 EDN Design Ideas:  This linear ramp generator uses a DAC, a transistor array, MOSFET switches, and current-steering techniques to achieve 14-bit linearity (Figure 1).  The output current of IC1, a DAC-10, is a product of the digital code and the refe __ Circuit Design by Dan Segarra, Sipex Corp, Billerica, MA

Programmable source powers DC micromotors-  03/01/01 EDN Design Ideas:  A simple, economic, compact, and tricky way of using the LM723 as a programmable voltage source to drive dc micromotors which can set the output to a value of200 mV to 6V __ Circuit Design by V Dubey

Programmable Timer for Appliances-  This programmable timer is useful for domestic, commercial as well as industrial applications.  It automatically turns the appliance on/off after a preset time.  The time period can be varied from 8...__ Electronics Projects for You

Programmable-gain Amplifier is low-cost-  01/18/01 EDN Design Ideas:  Numerous programmable gain amplifiers are available, but a simple solution provide as the option of using 256 gain steps with an 8-bit DAC and higher steps. PDF has several circuits, scroll down. __ Circuit Design by J Jayapandian, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, India

Programmed reference oscillator generates nonstandard clock frequencies-  27-Apr-06 EDN Design Ideas:  Small assembly-language process exploits equalized, fixed-length branch loops with only 12 instructions __ Circuit Design by William Grill, Honeywell BRGA, Lenexa, KS

Programming hardware & software for 14-bit FLASH PIC microcontrollers-  This is the device I use for downloading code into 14-bit PIC microcontrollers with flash memory.  Like all my designs it is GPLed and may be freely copied.  It connects to the standard PC parallel port and requires a 12V DC supply.  The software runs under either Linux or DOS.

ProgrAmpredicts VSWR-mismatch RF uncertainties-  02/01/01 EDN Design Ideas:  Hewlett-Packard (now Agilent Technologies] once offered a useful little cardboard slide rule for calculating the uncertainty in RF  measurements stemming __ Circuit Design by Steve Hageman, Agilent Technologies, Santa Rosa, CA

Programs calculate 1% & ratio-resistor pairs-  12/16/05 EDN Design Ideas:  Computer programs determine the best values for an application __ Circuit Design by Carl Rutschow

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