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Radio Control Circuits, Page 1
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Last Updated on: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 05:39 AM

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0.14V RC Oscillator Circuit with Separate Logic Output Buffer -  Circuit Ideas for Designers Application Notes Advanced Linear Devices, Inc....[App Note]
2 Transistor Amplifier -  This electronic circuit design shows a simple two transistor amplifier with feedback. It offers a reasonably high impedance while providing a low output impedance….
250-Amp Speed Controller for RC Cars -  Radio Controlled cars have increased in popularity from the time when they were first introduced. Initially, they were little more than toys. Now they have matured to an international sport…. [by Ken Stone]
4W FM Transmitter -  Don't be fooled by the relative simplicity of this transmitter. With 4W of power, it's not a toy! Since it operates in the FM band (88-108MHz), a licence is required for broadcasting. With a good and properly mounted antenna....(circuit / schematic added 2/03)
A 250-amp Speed Controller for RC cars -  The FET speed controller is made up of several smaller blocks, each which is quite easy to understand. The R.C. transmitter sends control information to the receiver as a string of width modulated pulses. The receiver sorts these out…....

A High Speed NiCd Charger for Electric R/C -  A few years back, I published a design for a Low Cost Thermal Peak Detection Charger. Since then, I've designed several other chargers, in my ongoing quest to avoid having to spend money. Of course, in building all these designs, I've probably spent more than a really good commercial charger would have cost me. But designing and building is half the fun.... [Stefan Vorketter]
A Low Cost Thermal Peak Detection NiCd Charger -  The electric model aircraft and car industries have produced a bewildering array of field chargers for NiCd motor battery packs. These range from simple 6 or 7 cell chargers consisting of a resistor and mechanical timer, to more complex chargers with peak detection, cycling, and the ability to handle 36 cell packs.... [Stefan Vorketter]
A Receive Signal Decoder -  The signal output by  radio control receiver is a form of PWM.  This may be useful for driving servos, but is inconvenient for general electronic applications. Therefore, several of  circuits on this site convert this signal into a voltage first.  This is performed by this circuit. It is not a project in its own right, just a building block used by or projects....(added 4/05)
An On/Off Motor Control with Brake -  The circuit for the controller begins with a buffer, consisting of R1, R2, R3, and Z1A, which isolates the receiver from the rest of the circuit and makes operation of the circuit independent of the exact signal levels from the receiver…. [Stefan Vorketter]
AN244: AN244, Internal RC Oscillator Calibration -  Microchip Application Note Published 20-Jan-03  (app note added 2/06)
AN616: Digital Signal Processing with the PIC16C74 -  Microchip Application Note Published 26-Aug-97....[App Note]
Analog Bar Graph Expanded Scale Voltmeter -  An expanded scale voltmeter (ESV) can save your plane. That may be a strong statement, but it's true. The crucial radio link that lets you control your plane relies on nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries in the transmitter and receiver… [Stefan Vorketter]
BattMan II: A Computer Controlled Battery Manager -  BattMan II is a computer controlled battery manager, intended for typical rechargeable batteries used by R/C and electronics hobbyists, as well as various consumer product batteries…. [Stefan Vorketter]
Getting the Most from Your Radio Control System -  About a year after the maiden flight, I wanted to get into electrics, so I bought a Great Planes Spectra. I figured I'd just buy another receiver and three servos. WRONG! I found out that it would be cheaper to buy another transmitter, receiver, and three servos.... [Stefan Vorketter]
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