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 Good Ideas done Badly

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Bad Chinese Steel Products


I was shopping at a local home improvement store a while back.  I was in the hardware aisle when I eavesdropped on a heated conversation between two men.  Each was a general building contractor and had their company’s name on their individual t-shirts. They were discussing the decline of the quality of the hardware in the store.  They were especially angry at the very poor products made of steel.  They said that the store was gradually replacing American made steel products with cheaper ones from China.
They said that nails, staples, screws and bolts they bought at the store and used on a daily basis were costing them money.  These products cost no less than the products they replaced but they were vastly inferior. They said that screw heads would twist off, nails would bend and break, staples would bend and galvanized bolts would rust prematurely.  It seemed that they were both angry by the poor quality of the products being offered by the store.  They said that they had made the decision to stop buying such hardware from the store.  They both now drive a bit farther to another store, which still sold products made in the USA.  Why are big name building supply stores doing this to their customers?
Deck Screws   Bent Screw
Stapler  Bent Staples
Construction Nails Bent Nail
Soft Steel Bolts           Broken Bolt
Rusting Bolt

May 2011     Issue 17

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