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Building & Construction 
Circuit Protection 
Data Acquisition & Signal Conditioning 
Electrical & Electronics
Electrical Distribution & Protection  Electric Motors
Embedded Systems 
Flow Control & Fluid Transfer 
Fluid Power
Imaging & Video Equipment 

Industrial & Engineering Software  Industrial Computers
Lab & Scientific Instruments 
Lighting Fixtures and Lamps 
Mfg & Process Equipment 
Material Handling & Packaging Equipment  Materials & Chemicals 
Mechanical Components 

Meters, Readouts and Indicators 
Motor Parts & Accessories 
Motion & Controls 

Networking & Communication Equipment  Optical Components & Optics 
Passive & Discrete 
Piezoelectric Devices

Power Generation & Storage 
Power Supply & Conditioning  Semiconductors 
Sensors, Transducers & Detectors 
Specialized Industrial Products 
Surge Suppressors 
Test & Measurement Equipment 
Wiring & Accessories 
Wire & Cables

Sensors, Transducers and Detectors

  • Encoders and Resolvers - Motion feedback devices providing position and velocity information to closed-loop control systems.
  • Environmental Sensors - Sensors designed to measure and test for changes in environmental conditions, including radiation (both wavelength and as a hazardous emission), temperature, moisture and dew point, smoke, dust and opacity, light, weather, and water quality.
  • Flow Sensing - Flow measurement instruments are used to determine flow rate by monitoring the amount of media passing during a specific time. Devices within this category can monitor liquids, gases or solids, and measure in units of mass, velocity or volume.
  • Force Sensing - Instruments, sensors and equipment for measuring static or dynamic force or torque.
  • Gas Sensing - Any method used to measure the amount of a specific gas or gases in a given environment including both sensors and instruments.
  • Humidity and Moisture Sensing - Instruments, sensors, indicators or controllers for measuring humidity, moisture content and weather conditions.
  • Level Sensing - Devices used to detect or measure level of liquids, gases or solids, within pipes or tanks, or to detect the interfaces between different materials.
  • Linear Position Sensing - Devices used to measure the linear displacement of an object.
  • Orientation Position Sensing - Sensors and instruments used to detect rotary position, angular position, tilt, or inclination relative to the horizon or a linear position.
  • Pressure Sensing - Instruments and sensors for measuring or controlling the pressure applied to a surface from a liquid, bulk material or discrete component.
  • Proximity or Presence Sensing - Sensors and Instruments for proximity sensing, including capacitive, photoelectric, inductive, Hall effect, ultrasonic, and other technologies.
  • Rotary Position Sensing - Devices and instruments for sensing and measurement of angular motion, speed, and position; includes encoders, resolvers, synchros and similar devices.
  • Safety Sensors and Switches - Safety sensors and switches are used in machines and other industrial applications to safeguard equipment and prevent personal injury.
  • Security Sensors and Systems - Security sensors and systems are used for access control, burglary, smoke or heat detection, and video monitoring or surveillance.
  • Temperature Sensing - Devices that are designed to detect or measure changes in temperature such as temperature probes, sensors, etc.
  • Tension Sensing - Instruments and controllers that measure, monitor or adjust tension in cable, fiber, belts, sheets and other webs.
  • Tilt Sensing - Sensors or instruments that detect inclination relative to the horizon, rotary position, angular rates or linear acceleration.
  • Torque Sensing - Instruments and controllers that measure, monitor or adjust torque in shafts, cables, fibers, rods and other components.
  • Vacuum Sensing - Instruments, sensors and test equipment for measuring sub-atmospheric pressures, controlling vacuum levels, detecting vacuum chamber leaks or analyzing gas compositions in vacuum systems.
  • Velocity Sensing - Instruments and controllers that measure, monitor or adjust velocity or speed in shafts, moving webs and other components.
  • Vibration and Acceleration Sensing - Instruments, sensors and equipment for producing, controlling or measuring vibratory or oscillatory motion.
  • Viscosity Sensing - Instruments and sensors for measuring the viscosity (resistance to flow) or viscoelastic properties of liquid or molten glass and plastic.
  • Vision and Color Sensing - CCD, CMOS or other image capturing sensors that form the heart of a digital camera or imaging system.
  • Weather Sensing - Instruments or sensors designed to measure one or multiple components of weather; including wind speed and direction, rain/snow fall, solar radiation, temperature, pressure and humidity.
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Imagineering Ezine    Discover Solar Energy Dave Johnson & Associates Faraday Touch Switches

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