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Digital to Analog (DAC) Circuits
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Last Updated: December 31, 2017 06:47 AM

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Faster PWM-based DAC EDN-Design Ideas 12/30/2015    PWM DACs are cheap, cheerful, and slow.  But This Design Idea describes a way to speed them up__ Circuit Design by Dusan Ponikvar

Force/ Sense DAC Applications App Note/ 807) / Jun-06___ Maxim Integrated

Fully Isolated Input Module Based on the AD7793 24-Bit Σ-Δ ADC & the ADuM5401 Digital Isolator Therefore, the ADC’s noise-free code resolution is 20.4 bits___ Analog Devices from the Lab

Fully Isolated Input Module Based on the AD7793 24-Bit Σ-Δ ADC, the ADuM5401 Digital Isolator & a High Performance In-Amp The 19.5 bit peak-to-peak noise-free code resolution means there are 4.5 bits of noise flicker on the output of the ADC with respect to the ADC’s 24-bit resolution.  Therefore, the ADC’s noise-free code resolution is 19.5 bits___ Analog Devices from the Lab

Gates Provide Low Cost Sine Wave Generator 08/15/97  EDN-Design Ideas One of the troubleshooting tests required for telephone/data twisted-pair copper lines is the determination of the attenuation factor.  The test uses frequencies of 300 to 4000 Hz to plot the attenuation performance.  Because many central-distribution lines__ Circuit Design by Adolfo Mondragon, Philips Components, Juarez, Mexico

High Frequency Variable Gain Amplifier Extends the Dynamic Range of a 10-Bit, 65 MSPS ADC to Greater Than 100 DB The HSC-ADC-EVALB-DCZ evaluation board, with the Analog Devices ADC Analyzer software is used to capture the ADC’s output data.  , Equipment Needed Windows® XP, Windows Vista (32-bit), or Windows 7 (32-bit) PC with USB port, AD8331ARU-VGA-ADC, HSC-ADC-EVALB-DCZ evaluation boards, and the AD9215 evaluation software, power supplies, spectrum analyzer, signal source. ___ Analog Devices from the Lab

High Precision Digital-to-Analog Conversion using the 16-Bit AD5542/AD5541 Voltage Output DAC, ADR421 Reference & AD8628 Auto-Zero Op Amp The output impedance of the DAC is constant and code independent, but to minimize gain errors the input impedance of the output amplifier should be as high as possible.  With this type of configuration the output impedance is independent of digital code, while the input impedance seen by the reference is heavily code dependent. __ Analog Devices from the Lab

Interfacing the ADL5375 I/Q Modulator to the AD9120 Dual Channel, 1.2 GSPS High Speed DAC Set up the AD9122 through USB at AD9122/AD9125 SPI control software as shown in Figure 17 and run___ Analog Devices from the Lab

Isolated ADC Reduces Power Consumption 03/30/95 EDN-Design Ideas The electrically isolated micropower 12-bit data-acquisition system in Fig 1 is ideal for digitizing the output of a transducer that operates in a hostile environment.  The 1:1 transformer and three digital isolators provide electrical isolation of 500V rms between the host system and the data-acquisition circuitry and sensor.  The circuit operates on a single 5V supply and communicates to a host system by using just two serial lines.__ Circuit Design by Kevin Hoskins, Linear Technology Corp, Milpitas, CA

Load Eight-Channel DAC from PC Port 08/03/95 EDN-Design Ideas The circuit in Fig 1 loads 4 address bits and 8 data bits into IC8's 8-bit octal, two-quadrant multiplying DAC from a PC parallel port.  Initially, the circuit loads the desired data on the D0 through D7 pins of the parallel port into shift register IC1 when the parallel port's STR pin goes low.  Next, the circuit loads the desired address from the port's D0 through D3 pins into register IC2 when the port's ALF pin goes low__ Circuit Design by Daniel Segarra, Sipex Corp, Billerica, MA

Low-Cost 6-Bit DAC For controlling the load of appliances such as cooling fans, low-wattage heaters, thermostats, low-wattage light sources, small electrical toys and test benches for loudspeakers, we need a power source whose voltage...___ Electronics Projects for You

Low-Cost Digital DAC Provides Digital Three-Phase-Waveform Synthesis 7-Aug-08 EDN-Design Ideas Used in high volume in audio applications, a low-cost stereo DAC can generate three-phase AC waveforms in high precision__ Circuit Design by SA González, Universidad de Mar de Plata, Argentina, and R García-Gil, J Castelló, and JM Espí,Universidad de Valencia, Spain

Low-power, low-voltage ADC is 0.05% linear 06/19/97 EDN-Design Ideas The simple integrating 3V A/D converter in Figure 1a is small, requires no negative supply and no expensive precision components, and draws minimal supply current.__ Circuit Design by John Wettroth, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

LTC1451/52/53: 12-Bit Rail-To-Rail Micropower DACs in an SO-8 DN96 Design Notes___ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Make a DAC with a microcontroller's PWM timer 09/05/02 EDN-Design Ideas Many embedded-microcontroller applications require generation of analog signals.  An integrated or stand-alone DAC fills the role.  However, you can often use PWM signals for generating the required analog signals.  You can use PWM signals to create both dc and ac analog signals.  This design idea shows how to use a PWM timer to simultaneously create a sinusoid, a ramp, and a dc voltage__ Circuit Design by Mike Mitchell, Texas Instruments Inc

Maximize Pulse-Width-Modulated DAC Throughput 03/22/13  EDN-Design Ideas This ramp-based DAC uses microcontroller-generated clocks and a sample-and-hold.  Simple DACs realized by lowpass filtering microcontroller-generated pulse-width-modulated (PWM) signals have a response that is typically a tenth of the PWM frequency.  This Design Idea is a novel implementation of a previously published method1 employing a reference ramp whose output is sampled and held by the PWM signal.  This approach results in a throughput rate equal to the PWM frequency.__ Circuit Design by Ajoy Raman

Methods of Controlling Laser Drivers: POTs & DACs App Note/ 1010 / Jul-07) __ Maxim Integrated

Micropower ADC has eight differential channels 05/22/97 EDN-Design Ideas If you need a 12-bit ADC with eight differential channels for a portable, battery-powered data-acquisition system, you'll find that many 12-bit ADCs with configurable multiplexers are available.  However, they all suffer from as much as 50% channel reduction when you require differential inputs.  The circuit in Figure 1 overcomes the channel-reduction problem.  It provIdeas eight differential-channel, 12-bit A/D conversion.  The circuit uses a low-power, 12-bit, eight-channel ADC and a low-power, eight-channel multiplexer.  The system communicates with a host processor over a serial connection.__ Circuit Design by Kevin Hoskins, Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA

Minimizing thermocouples maintains 20-bit DAC precision 05/03/01  EDN Technical Article: Undesirable and unintended thermocouples are the primary sources of error in low-drift circuits.  Attention to layout and other construction details is the only way to tackle the problem.__ Circuit Design by Jim Williams, EDN's most revered contributor, passed away in June 2011 after a stroke.  He was 63.

Multidecade BCD DAC Uses Resistors Of Only Six Values 4-Feb-10 EDN-Design Ideas DAC uses fewer resistors than that of a previous Design Idea__ Circuit Design by Marián Stofka, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia

Multiphase DAC Modifies R-2R Ladder 01/18/96 EDN-Design Ideas The double-ladder DAC in Figure 1  suits ASIC or hybrid designs that require multiple DACs sharing an analog input but with different digital inputs and multiple analog outputs.  The circuit is a modification of the standard R-2R resistive ladder in a CMOS multiplying DAC.  The two DAC sections in Figure 1 share the longitudinal__ Circuit Design by Alexander Belousov, SMP Inc, Rego Park, NY

Multiple Output Range 16-Bit DAC Design Made Simple DN337 Design Notes___ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

New 16-Bit SO-8 DAC has 1LSB Max Inl & Dnl over Industrial Temperature Range Design Note 173 DN173 Design Notes __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Digital to Analog Circuits:   #'s - B      C - D        E - O      P - T      U - Z

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