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Digital to Analog (DAC) Circuits
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Use a DAC to vary LVDT excitation 2-Oct-03 EDN-Design Ideas LVDTs(linear variable differential transformers] are electromechanical measuring devices that convert the position of a magnetic core into electrical signals.  You generate these signals via excitation on the primary side.  The results on the secondary side—typically, two secondary windings—depend on the position of the core(Figure 1)__ Circuit Design by Anthony Di Tommaso and Ljubisa Milojevic, ABB Inc, Natrona Heights, PA

Variable Gain Control Produces Pure Sine Wave 10/27/94 EDN-Design Ideas The circuit in Fig 1 delivers a pure, buffered, and level-controlled sine wave.  With no tuning requirements, the circuit works with all crystals up to about 30 MHz.__ Circuit Design by Barry Harvey, Elantec Corp, Milpitas, CA

World’s First Dual 12-Bit DACs in SO-8 LTC1446/LTC1446L DN131 Design Notes___ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Zero-Power A/D Converter Uses Printer Port 07/06/95 EDN-Design Ideas You can use a desktop or laptop PC to monitor physical variables such as temperature or pressure.  A convenient way to do this is to connect an A/D converter through the ubiquitous Centronics printer port[__ Circuit Design by Dhananjay Gadre, IUCAA Instrumentation Lab, Pune, India

Digital to Analog Circuits:   #'s - B      C - D        E - O      P - T      U - Z

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