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Let's drop in on Wily and look over his shoulder at his latest project....

Buddhist Temple Statue Light

Wily was just about to crawl into his warm bed and take a short nap when his phone rang.  The call was coming from half way around the world.  A lighting engineer needed Wily’s help.  The engineer wanted to illuminate a stature in a Buddhist temple. 

The caller had already selected a one watt white LEDs, which was mounted in a reflective ceiling assembly.  The light would shine down onto the top of a statue.  The light was to run every hour 7 days a week. 

OK, so why did they need Wily’s help?  The kicker was that there was no utility electricity for the light.  It was going to have to be powered by solar energy. They had plenty of room for the hardware needed. They would going to mount the solar panel on the roof and put the rest of the hardware at the back of the building.  They would run wires to the LED light.....

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WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW is a....Space Helmet for Yard Work
This request came from a guy in Arizona.  He has allergies and hates to work out doors. He wanted some kind of suit he could put on when he had to do yard work. Pulling weeds, mowing the lawn and many outside chores in the summer can be taxing on the human body.  When the air temperature is 100 degrees it can even be dangerous.  What he wanted was a system which could be worn over the head, perhaps like a space helmet,.....
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Ultra Low Current Circuit Examples
By: David Johnson
There are some wonderful new integrated circuits coming out. Some are designed for very low power applications.  I encourage you to play around with some of these new devices.  One application example is shown below.  It is a LED flasher circuit which draws about 2ua of total current from a 3v supply.....

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Modulated Light Interference      
I got a call from a music listener.  He was begging me to help him with a problem. A few years ago he had purchased a very nice cordless audio headset.  The system worked well and he used it often.  Then, he moved to a new house.  Once he got settled, he tried using his headset but it would not work. Or, more precisely, it would not work very well.....

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Bark Off Ultrasonic Barking Dog Deterrent Device 
I have two Beagle dogs who love to bark.  They are especially annoying when we take them for a ride in my minivan.  They get excited and bark, a lot.  I saw this ultrasonic device advertised on TV a while back and then later saw the same device for sale at a large discount store.  I decided to give it a try.  In short, it did nothing for my dogs.  I could not tell if the thing produced sound.  There is a slight hiss sound when it is supposed to be producing ultrasound but my old ears are not sensitive enough to those high frequencies.  ....

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Space Mirror for City Illumination

Many years ago the Russians experimented with space mirrors.  The idea was to place a very large mirror into earth orbit and have it redirect sunlight down onto the earth’s surface below.  The mirror would be positioned so the sunlight would illuminate a whole city wide area during nighttime.  Just how practical is this concept?  How bright would the light be?  If it worked, then a city could use the mirror instead of street lights, which could be a real energy saver....

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Issue 2 -2011     February

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