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Data Acquisition / Data Logging Circuits
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Last Updated: December 22, 2017 03:27 PM

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Magnetometer  -  The Sun with its immense energy stores and close proximity to Earth is a great celestial object to monitor at all wavelengths.  What's more, one can monitor activity on the Sun via indirect means.  More precisely, it is possible to detect solar activity by monitoring the Earths magnetic field.  It's also possible to detect solar activity such as solar flares by monitoring Very Low Frequency (VLF) signal paths which use the ionosphere as a means of propagation __ Contact Joel.Gonzalez @ backyardastronomy.net

Make Your Own USB Data Acquisition System  -  Presented here is a data acquisition (DAQ) system that can be used to interface six sensors and four digital-to-analogue channels.  The acquired voltage levels can be displayed on a personal computer__ Electronics Projects for You

Making an LM35 temperature recorder (based on PIC12F675)-logs to EEPROM  -  EEPROM is useful for storing long term data such as data logger information and this PIC  microcontroller EEPROM project saves the temperature from an LM35DZ IC to the PIC 's internal long term data storage area.   The project follows on from the last project using the virtually the same hardware. __ Designed by John Main

Making an LM35 temperature recorder (based on PIC12F675)-serial output  -  Measuring temperature is easy using an LM35.  This page shows you how you can make an LM35 an temperature recorder by using the 12F675 PIC  microcontroller as the controller and data store. __ Designed by John Main

MAX1407 Complete Data Acquisition System Simplifies Your System Designs  -  App Note/ 830 / Feb-09__ Maxim Integrated

Measurement & Control Collection  -  AN45 A variety of measurement and control circuits are included in this application note.  Eighteen circuits, including ultra low noise amplifiers, current sources, transducer signal conditioners, oscillators, data converters and power supplies are presented.  The circuits emphasize precision specifications with relatively simple configurations.  __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Meter/Data Acquisition Amplifier  -  This simple amplifier is useful for boosting small signals up to about +-12 volts.  Many low-cost data acquisition devices have full-scale inputs of +- 10 volts which limits their sensitivity, and the negative part of the input range is usually wasted, cutting the available resolution in half.  This amplifier runs on 5 to 6 VDC and generates +-15 VDC to power a single, low-power op-amp.  The op-amp circuit includes an offset voltage capable of converting a single-ended positive input into a symmetrical bipolar output.  Current consumption is low enough to run the amplifier from a lantern battery for over a year of continuous duty (about 1 mA).  Switching to a micro-power op-amp will give decades from the same battery.  Using a battery allows many experiments to "float, " often eliminating ground loop problems encountered when hooking experiments directly to a computer.   __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Minilogger V1.0  -  Build your own a personal data logger for recording analog signal.  The MiniLOGGER provides 8-channel analog input (-99mV to +999mV) ,  __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Monitoring Device Logs for Over 10 Days & Can Log Up to 32k Events Both Digital & Analog  -  PIC  Project  This is a circuit monitoring device.  It runs for over 10 days and can log up to 32k events both digital and analog.  Samples are logged either on a timing basis (.01 to 2.5 seconds) , or on a triggered basis.  Four inputs are provided, up to three of which can be analog __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Moving averager rejects noisy outlier values  -  EDN Design Ideas:  06/23/2016    improve data-acquisition performance by implementing a smart filter in your FPGA, SoC, or code.   The moving average is a process that continuously computes the average over N samples of data flowing through a FiFO (First in First Out) buffer.  Every new sample added to the buffer will remove the oldest sample used to compute the previous mean value.  The smart moving-average is a variation on the theme; a digital circuit (Figure 1) where the idea is to collect the latest N measurements like a classical moving average, but new data will be added into the buffer (Sx) only if its value is within set limits of the actual average of the previous N samples. __ Circuit Design by David Vincenzoni

Moving from the HP 3852A Data Acquisition System to the Agilent 34980A Switch/ Measure Unit  -  Application Note__ Aligent

New 12-Bit Data Acquisition Systems Communicate with Microprocessors over 4 Wires  -  DN22 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

New Data Acquisition Systems Communicate with Microprocessors over 4 Wires  -  DN1 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

NOMOGRAPH-Reactance-Frequency   -  No description, just Graph - OpAmps Lab inc is the manufactor ofAmplifiers (Video / Audio / Distribution / Microphone / Equalization / Line / VCA / Power) , Switchers (Routing / Assign / Matrix) , Mult (Press) (Network-Feed) Boxes, Audio Transformers, Oscillators, Power-Supplies, Custom Sub-Systems.  __ Application OpAmps Lab Inc.

Novel Storage Idea Supports Ultra Fast Data Acquisition  -  App Note/ 381 / Oct-07) __ Maxim Integrated

Passive Monitors AES data  -  02/17/00  EDN Design Ideas:  The circuit in Figure 1 efficiently monitors common digital-audio signals.  One format for such signals is the Audio Engineering Society (AES) 44.1- or 48-kHz standard.  Typically, the data consists of a serial data stream with a data rate of approximately 1 Mbps.  A lower frequency pulse interspersed in the data stream synchronizes data frames every 16 to 20 data bits.  The amplitude of the data and sync pulses is 3 to 12V p-p, with one cycle of an ac wave representing each bit. __ Circuit Design by Wayne Sward

PC-Based ISA Data Acquisition & Control Board  -  The hardware is shown in the picture (might take a little while to load).  Don't be the least bit concerned if you don't understand everything in the first few paragraphs below.  Their purpose is to provide a brief description of the hardware to those who understand the terminology.   __ Designed by Joe D. Reeder

PIC Projects: IoT Wi-Fi Temperature-Logging System  -  Here is a temperature data-logging system based on PIC 16F887 microcontroller (MCU) , Wi-FI and ThingSpeak application programming interface (APi).  ThingSpeak is an open source internet of Things (ioT) application and API to__ Electronics Projects for You

PIC16F877A Thermometer with MCP9700A sensor  -  You already know my silicon diode thermometer, this time  I'm using a Microchip MCP9700A analog temperature sensor:  cheap and easy to use, factory calibrated, it is plug and play. __ Designed by Bruno Gavand

PICAXE-18X 4-Channel Datalogger  -  it features four input channels that can be sampled and stored (or logged) at user-defined intervals.  An onboard EEPROM stores the data.__ SiliconChip

Picaxe-18X 4-channel datalogger  -  Pt.3: adding a humidity sensor, more memory & a liquid crystal display__ SiliconChip

PICAXE-18X 4-channel datalogger Pt.2:  -  Adding a real-time clock__ SiliconChip

Practical Data Acquisition using a Windows1 based Power Meter   -  App Note/ 1138 / Feb-08__ Maxim Integrated

Practical Temperature Measurements  -  Application Note__ Aligent

Precision Digital Altimeter  -  The current concept incorporates a wireless transmitter and receiver and is thought to be used for remote controlled airplanes or appliances with two separate parts.  In other words, we have one dedicated transmitter (acquisition, filtering) and one dedicated receiver part (user-interface, look-up table, calibration, storage) , capable of being connected__

Precision Receiver Delay Improves Data Transmission  -  DN129 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Precision Temperature Logger & Controller, Part 1  -  This Temperature Logger & Controller is based on the Dick Smith Electronics Q1437 digital thermometer.  It records & displays two temperature channels once a second on a PC over a period of up to 12 hours.  With appropriate thermocouples, temperatures from -200?C to +1300?C can be recorded, with the display range, resolution, and temperature program adjustable in real time while the data is being logged.__ SiliconChip

Pressure Sensor-Based Altimeter  -  The circuit uses an absolute pressure sensor to measure barometric pressure, it depends on the altitude but not linearly, remember this when using the circuit.  The pressure sensor can be absolute or differential, this means that the output depends on absolute pressure or on the pressure difference between two ports of the device.  It is a four terminal device: if a current flows between terminals 1 and 3 the DDP found between pins 2 and 4 is (almost) proportional to pressure (absolute or differential).  The output depends on the current and on temperature, therefore, this must compensated.  The output is very small so we need amplification.   __ Designed by Paolo Zini

Printer Port Records Digital Waveforms  -  06/18/98 EDN Design Ideas:  (File includes several circuits - scroll to find this one) To record or capture special waveforms, those that appear once or have no fixed frequency, the usual technique is to use a logic analyzer or a storage oscilloscope.  However, these tools are very expensive.  Moreover, because of limited memory, a storage scope can record fewer than 1000 samples.  The technique presented here provide as an alternative method to recording digital waveforms.  The idea is to use the PC's printer port to sample waveforms, and the PC's memory to store data.   __ Circuit Design by Dean Shen, Dycam Inc, Chatsworth, CA 

PScope: High-Speed ADC Data Collection Software  -  When provides a customer with a high speed ADC demo board we also provide PScope, the software to evaluate the demo board.  PScope is a simple software package that can collect, and display data from high speed ADC demo boards.  It will also provide a simple and easy way to measure the key performance parameters __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Clarence Mayott Jan 4th 2011

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