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My lawyer insisted that I add this DISCLAIMER: DiscoverCircuits.com is a collection of  40,000+ links to electronic circuits or schematics (more are added regularly).   I have carefully categorized and cross-referenced each one for ease of selection into over 500 electronic circuit categories.  Because I have not tested all these electronic circuits, I cannot attest to their accuracy; therefore, I do not provide a warranty of any kind and cannot be held responsible in any manner.  Thank You.

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NVRAM Noise Reduction Filters   Notch Filters - Active
 Noise Generator Notch Filters - Passive

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Optic Circuits   Oscillator Circuits - Continued
Optical Fiber Circuits       Square wave 
Optical Sensors      Triangle wave
Opto Coupler Circuits       Variable-Frequency 
Opto-Isolator Couplers       Voltage controlled
Oscilloscope Circuits         Wien bridge  
  Oscillator Circuits
One Shot Circuits        RF
Opacity Circuits       Sine wave  
Operational Amplifier Circuits

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PA (Public Address) Circuits Photovoltaic Circuits

PDA Circuits   Pierce Oscillators   
PLL (Phase Locked Loop) Circuits Piezoelectric Circuits
PWM (PulseWidth Modulation) Pink Noise Generator Circuits
Particle Detector Position Monitors 
Passive Filters Potentiometer Circuits
     Band-pass   Power Amplifiers
     Crystal   Power Control Circuits   
     High-pass  Power Failure Alarm    
     Low-pass  Power FET Circuits
     Notch  Power Line Circuits    
Passive Infrared Circuits Power Meters / Monitors
Peak Detectors   Power Supplies Probe Circuits  
Pedometers        AC to AC    Programmable Device Codes  
Period to Voltage Converter      AC to DC    PROJECTS TO BUILD  
Pest Control Circuits        DC to AC   (PUT) Circuits  
Phase Detector        DC to DC     Protection Circuits
Phase Locked Loop (PPL) Circuits      High Voltage  Proximity Circuits  
Phase Modulation (PM) Circuits        Low Voltage Drop Public Address (PA) Circuits
Phase Shifting Keying (PSK)        Switchmode Pulse Generator
Photo Cell Circuits      UPS Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Photoelectric Circuits        Variable   Push-Pull Circuits 
Photo-Flash Circuits    Preamplifiers
Photography Circuits   Pressure Sensors

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Quadraphonic Circuits Quadrature Detectors

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Radio Control Circuits   RF (Radio Frequency) Circuits  
Radio Frequency ID Devices     RF (Radio Frequency) Amplifiers
Rain Detector     RF (Radio Frequency) Converters
Ramp Generators     RF (Radio Frequency) Detectors 
Receiver Circuits          RF (Radio Frequency Mixers   
Rectifier Circuits           RF (Radio Frequency Oscillators   
Reference Circuits       RF (Radio Frequency) Receivers     
Regulated Power Supply Circuits       RF (Radio Frequency) Transmitters   
Regulator Circuits   RFID Circuits   
Relay Circuits     Root Mean Squaren (RMS) Meters  
Remote Control Circuits Robot Circuits   
RFID Circuits  Repeater Circuits    Rocket Circuits  
RMS (Root Mean Square) Meters     Resistance Meters Rotation Monitors
Radar Circuits Revolutions Per Minute Monitors RPM Monitors
Radar Detectors
Radiation Detectors / Monitors

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